All phones, tablets, headphones, cameras and portable speakers that come on the market from the end of 2024 must have a USB-C input for charging. The European Parliament approved this on Tuesday . The law aims to reduce electronic waste and enable consumers to make more sustainable choices. In the end, support in parliament for the long-running dossier turned out to be large: of the 705 members, 602 voted in favour. The new law means that even the mighty Apple has to give in. The tech giant lobbied for years against the universal charger, to keep Apple consumers dependent on products that only Apple can produce. That was successful: the introduction of the law caused years of delay, partly due to Apple’s counterweight. Since 2009, Brussels has been discussing a solution for the 11,000 tons of waste generated by all these different charging methods. As is often the case with new EU legislation against the tech sector, the fear is now too late. After all, more and more smartphones can be charged wirelessly — although they do require a charging station. That is exactly where the problem lies, according to MEP Toine Manders (CDA). He told NRC last year: “It is as if they are now inventing new rules for fuel caps for diesel cars that will be launched on the market in 2024: they are also slowly disappearing, so that is no longer of any use to anyone!” Also read: EU: soon one plug and one charger for all mobile phones