The government wants to reimburse half of the increased energy costs of small and medium-sized companies. Insiders confirm this to various media, including De Telegraaf and the NOS . The support package for SMEs has already been designed for several weeks and is almost ready. The government would like to allocate some 2.5 to 3 billion euros for this in the coming period. A spokesperson for the Ministry of Economic Affairs could not confirm the reporting to NRC . The exact conditions for the package have not yet been worked out. It is known that a maximum amount per company will apply for the energy compensation of probably 160,000 euros. The scheme is intended for energy-intensive companies that experience major consequences of the sharply increased energy prices. Exactly which companies are covered by this has yet to be determined. Other details of the support package are also still being discussed. The government previously announced a price ceiling for the energy consumption of consumers. From 1 January there will be a limited rate for gas and energy, which applies to all households and small consumers. Gas may not be more expensive for them than 1.45 euros per cubic meter, with a maximum of 1,200 m 3. A maximum price will apply for electricity of 0.40 euros per kilowatt hour up to a maximum of 2,900 kWh. The rest of the bill is reimbursed by the government. It is estimated that this compensation will cost the government more than 23 billion euros.