Once again, Imagine didn’t disappoint! It’s always lots of fun, with diverse and engaging talks, some great connections made and lots of energy. Despite the 15+ hours it takes to fly home, Magento Imagine is definitely worth it. Read more about my key takeaways from Imagine.

On the Fooman Blog: Why Small Merchants are Important to the Magento Community
Some people are quick to dismiss small merchants as being unimportant in the Magento community, but I strongly disagree. As a community we should be doing more to support small merchants – because we all benefit in the end. Read more.

What is considered a breaking change in Magento 2?

Magento recently published this DevDoc article which is a comprehensive outline of what constitutes a breaking change in Magento 2. Use this guideline to work out what dependency version constraints to assign to your Magento 2 components (themes/extensions).

Why small merchants are important & Composer for Magento 2

RequireJS and Magento 2

Managing Inline Javascript can be a handful, can be less secure, and involves taking risking dependencies. As an alternative, Ryan M Poe shares how to work with RequireJS in Magento. Read more.

Speed up your Magento 2 Dev Site

If you find Magento 2 isn’t running as quickly as Magento 1 was, there are a few things Jisse Reitsma suggests you can do to speed things up. The bottom line is: Magento 2 can run fast, you’ve just got to learn how to fine tune it. Read more.

Secure Development Workflow

Anna Völkl (2x Magento Master) shares the best practices to improve the overall security of your Magento shop. She also offers a list of extensions that will improve your site’s security, and how to use them effectively. Read more.

5 Reasons You Should be Using Composer with Magento 2

  1. Reduces the risk of upgrading to the latest Magento version and breaking something (who likes making those client calls?)
  2. Increases the speed of upgrading to newer versions of Magento
  3. Streamlines your update process
  4. Avoids manually checking extensions for compatibility with each new Magento version
  5. Reduces the merchant’s cost to upgrade

Need to convert your existing code from app/code to a Composer package? Check out the latest quick tip here.

At Imagine, I gave a presentation on how developers can maximise the power of Composer. Check out the presentation for an introduction on how you can get more out of Composer when working with Magento 2.

Magento 2:

  • Order Number Customiser (v4.0.0): Share invoice and credit memo sequences
  • PDF Picking List (v.5.2.2): Now you can set custom product attribute columns
  • Connect: Xero (v.2.0.2): Now supporting bundled Magento products
  • Order Manager (v.5.0.0): Refactor custom UI component is now a plugin