A third of the people who purchase energy from Eneco will pay less from 1 November. A spokesperson for the major energy supplier confirmed this on Tuesday, after reports from AD . Eneco is the first major energy company to lower its tariffs after the price peak in August. Energy supplier Budget Energie also lowered prices in November, NOS and AD report. Other major energy suppliers are not yet implementing any rate changes. From 1 November, Eneco will charge 3.17 euros per cubic meter of gas and 79 cents per kilowatt hour of electricity. That is respectively 22 and 5 cents less than the Eneco customers who have to pay new rates as of October. Consumer energy prices are lagging behind the European gas price, which is at its lowest level in four months after the price peak in August. This is because the supply has increased — especially of liquefied gas — and the demand — partly due to the mild autumn weather — is better than expected. Vattenfall thinks it is still “too early” to pass on the European gas price decline to consumer prices, a spokesperson said. According to the company, which charges less high rates than Eneco, there is too much uncertainty about how the energy market will develop in the coming months. A very cold winter may be waiting, or saboteurs may also blow up other important gas pipelines . Because of this uncertainty, Eneco does not dare to make any statements about the coming months. Also read this article from September: Prices for gas and light are rising sharply as of October 1, large differences per supplier