Worldwide, 4,000 jobs will disappear at Philips, the Dutch technology company that is struggling with disappointing results. A spokesperson confirmed this to NRC on Monday. The Dutch part of Philips will shrink with 800 full-time jobs, half of which will be due to compulsory redundancies. “A painful measure,” says the spokesman, who also expects a drop in turnover in the last quarter of this year. According to him, the missing places will only lead to lower costs in a year’s time. “We want to do this carefully.” In addition to the 400 forced redundancies in the Netherlands, another 400 places will disappear because departing employees are not replaced, vacancies that are not filled and temporary contracts that are not renewed. In total, 79,000 people work at Philips, of which 5 percent has to leave. Earlier this month, Philips announced that it would write off 1.3 billion euros due to problems with unsafe sleep apnea devices. That is not the only reason for the layoffs, says the spokesman. “The whole company” has problems. Internal and external issues have exposed Philips’ weaknesses.” Philips also has to deal with worldwide shortages of parts and raw materials, which is causing the production chain to falter. repair kits Philips’ turnover in the third quarter of 2022 fell by 5 percent compared to the same period last year, the company reported Monday. At 209 million euros, the profit is more than half lower than in the third quarter of last year, when it amounted to 512 million euros. Philips expects that the layoffs will cost 300 million euros in the coming quarters, but that they will then save the same amount annually. More than five million sleep apnea devices contained crumbling insulation foam , which can be dangerous for patients. Philips still expects 90 percent of sleep apnea devices to be replaced or repaired by the end of the year. To date, the company says it has made four million replacement devices or repair kits. Also read this profile of the new Philips CEO: Roy Jakobs: from a limited youth to the top of Philips