New version of Blog for Magento 2 has been released. The 2.2.0 version has been equipped with must-have features that help the store administrator create and manage blog posts:

Import blog posts from WordPress
Import blog posts from WordPress keeping the same post URLs.
SEO-friendly post URLs improvement
Avoid duplicate content by redirecting to short URLs.
Mass-actions added to grid
Change status of posts and categories in bulk.
For more detailed information please visit the product page.

New version of Blog for Magento 2

This Magento 2 blog extension adds a blog tab to your store. There is also a number of customization options available when setting up Magento 2 blog. The blog is equipped with all the necessary writing and search engine optimization tools. Comment management is implemented via an integration with Disqus.

Content navigation

The navigation is aided by tags, categories, and a sidebar featuring fresh content
Blog posts where this product mentioned

Display block on the product page which contains the list of blog posts where this product was mentioned.
Display related products

At a blog post page admin may choose to display products related to this post

Love this blog extension

I have had this blog extension on my Magento 1 site for a few years. I really like the format and ease of use of this blog, so when I built a new site on Magento 2 this was number 1 choice for a blog platform. I do weekly blogs with lots of photos and it always looks great. I love that I don’t have to know lots of coding to make my blogs look professional. A great blog for a small business like mine!

Aheadworks were very helpful and responsive in the sale and installation of this product. I would recommend them highly!