Large pension funds such as ABP, PMT and PME expect to be able to increase pensions again next year, they report in their quarterly reports. A few months ago, large funds warned that it was uncertain that pensions could go up in 2023, but the prospects are now much better due to the rise in interest rates. “Given our financial position, it is expected that we will be able to increase pensions in 2023,” says Harmen van Wijnen of the ABP civil servants fund in the quarterly report . “On our board table is now the question of which increase is justified.” ABP will make the final decision at the end of November. Also read: Support for new pension uncertain due to doubts PvdA and GroenLinks Referring to the sharp rise in inflation, similar sounds can be heard at the metal fund PMT. “We have to do what we can now,” says board chairman Jos Brocken in the quarterly report. “Inflation of more than 14 percent is unprecedented and has a major impact on the household books of our retirees.” No full compensation inflation However, Brocken warns that the new increase cannot keep pace with inflation. “Even with the more flexible rules for indexation, our funding ratio will not be sufficient to achieve this percentage, but I hope we can get as far as possible.” Healthcare fund PFZW and metalektrofonds PME also expect to be able to increase pensions again next year, but also say that full compensation for inflation is not possible. This would be the second pension increases in a short time, after higher pensions were announced by large funds for the first time in years at the end of June and early July. The fact that increases again seem to be possible is due to the rise in interest rates. As a result, the policy funding ratio, which measures the financial health of the funds, has increased further. According to ABP chairman Van Wijnen, it is not easy to determine how much increase is justified: “If we start paying out more pension, we must also ensure that there is enough left in the joint pot for young people who are far from ready for retirement. ”. He also points to the troubled times in which the financial markets are performing poorly.