Reluctantly, Israel is gradually being drawn more into the war in Ukraine at the hands of its arch-enemy Iran. Now that the Iranian regime is going to supply not only drones but also ballistic missiles to Russia, Israel is forced to take the side of Ukraine. It would not like to see Russia make a turn on the battlefield thanks to Iranian weapons. According to The New York Times , Israel is already sharing knowledge about Iranian drones with Ukraine. Also, according to a Ukrainian source quoted in last week’s newspaper report, a private Israeli company would provide satellite images of Russian troop build-up to Ukraine. But so far, Israel has rejected requests from Ukraine for the supply of Israeli anti-aircraft guns, including advanced Barak 8 anti-aircraft missiles. Ukraine could really use Israeli aid in that area because Israel’s so-called ‘Iron Dome’, with which it regularly defends its own population against rockets from the Gaza Strip, has become increasingly effective over the years. No longer free hand in Syria Ukraine, including through President Zelensky, has repeatedly urged Israel to step up its support against Russian aggression. Opinion polls also indicate that 80 percent of the Israeli population is in favor of Ukraine, but the Israeli government fears that with more aid to Ukraine, Russia will no longer give Israel a free hand in bombing Iranian targets in Syria. Israel regularly attacks such targets in Syria. Russia, which controls the airspace over Syria, turns a blind eye to that. Also read: The extremely cheap Iranian kamikazedrones are not miracle weapons After Israel’s Diaspora Affairs Minister Nachman Shai publicly called for Israeli military aid to Ukraine on Sunday, Russian former President Dmitry Medvedev promptly warned that this would seriously damage relations between Israel and Russia. “It appears that Israel will supply weapons to the regime in Kiev,” Medvedev told Telegram. “A very reckless act. It will completely destroy all our diplomatic relations.” Israel already provides humanitarian aid to Ukraine. It also set up a field hospital in western Ukraine and donated 2,000 helmets and 500 shard vests to rescue personnel. A version of this article also appeared in the newspaper of October 18, 2022