Schiphol will once again pay the employees of the security companies that are active at the airport more. In this way, the airport hopes to reduce the long lines for security control. Security companies are understaffed; that is one of the causes of the chaos at Amsterdam airport in recent months. Schiphol previously paid a summer bonus of 5.25 euros per hour. When that arrangement expired on September 5, according to the FNV union, many security guards still resigned. Schiphol, the five security firms and the trade unions FNV and CNV agreed on a new social package on Thursday. It is about higher wages, more pleasant schedules and better rest areas. Approximately 3,400 security guards work at the airport for the companies CTSN, G4S, I-SEC, Securitas and Trigion. It has been agreed that from November all security officers at Schiphol will receive an extra EUR 2.50 per hour on top of the gross collective labor agreement wage. Employees also receive an allowance for night work. According to the airport, wages for security employees could rise by about 40 percent. Schiphol surcharge In addition to the new surcharge, the so-called Schiphol surcharge of 1.40 euros per hour will also remain in force. This will run until September 1, 2023. From January 1, all employees in security will receive a higher salary: wage agreements have been made in the collective labor agreement for private security to partly compensate for the increased inflation. Also read: Taking security in-house is now an option for Schiphol The security firms have also promised that they will have fewer different times in their rosters when employees have to start their work. A common complaint among security officers was that the many changes in their rosters made it difficult to reconcile work with their private lives. Schiphol pays the costs for the better terms of employment and working conditions. It is not yet clear how much money this will cost the airport. Departing president-director Dick Benschop said earlier than Schiphol would have lost tens of millions of euros on the summer bonus and the Schiphol surcharge. These were for all employees of support companies at the airport; also for personnel in ground handling, cleaning and passenger transport. A version of this article also appeared in the newspaper of October 7, 2022