The gas consumption of Eneco customers between 1 September and 13 October was 20 to 25 percent lower than in the previous five years. A spokesperson for the energy company confirms this after reporting by de Volkskrant . Eneco’s smart thermostats are also on average 1 to 2 degrees lower. The figures have been corrected for the weather: when it is warmer, the heating also needs to be less high. Last year, the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) predicted that households would use an average of 1,169 cubic meters of gas in 2022. With the savings reported by Eneco, that consumption amounts to 877 to 935 cubic meters. The energy supplier’s two million customers would together save almost half a billion cubic meters of gas per year, roughly one percent of total Dutch gas consumption. The only question is whether households will continue to save energy in the winter. Until now it was relatively warm, which made it less necessary to turn on the heating. According to comparison site Pricewise, the months of October to March account for 80 percent of the gas consumption of households. Outside the big cities For consumers with a variable energy contract , gas has become considerably more expensive in recent months . By the end of the year it will be about 90 percent of the people. On Tuesday , research by NRC showed that many neighborhoods outside the major cities use considerably more gas than average, so that households there also spend more money on energy. Also read this big data story: Big city is well off with the price ceiling