Nearly eight in ten companies have taken measures this year to make their business operations more sustainable. This is apparent from figures published on Thursday by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) based on its monthly survey, which was conducted in September among companies in the manufacturing industry, car and retail trade and services. Of all companies that participated in the survey, 39 percent say they have taken a combination of measures. This concerns, for example, making energy consumption more sustainable, reducing emissions or taking steps in the circular economy. Nearly 20 percent of the companies surveyed say that they have increased their energy consumption in particular. Companies active in real estate, the cultural sector, sports and recreation did so more often than companies in other sectors. Companies in the transport and storage sector mainly worked to reduce their emissions, while many circular measures were taken in the catering industry, such as the reuse of materials. Despite the large number of companies that took measures this year, more than 60 percent of the companies indicate that they experience obstacles in making their business operations more sustainable. The most frequently mentioned obstacle is the dependence on other parties that have to contribute to sustainability. In the hospitality industry (23 percent), culture, sports and recreation (30 percent) a shortage of financial resources was most often mentioned as an obstacle to sustainability.