One in three Dutch companies has appealed to government support packages to get through the corona crisis. In total, almost 652,000 employers were involved, the majority of which were small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). They mainly used the support packages to be able to continue to pay wages and to a lesser extent to defer tax payments. This is shown on Friday from research by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS). Also read: Wild animals love a city in lockdown Last year, wage cover aid was requested for 1.3 million jobs . During the corona pandemic, in which many companies were forced to close to prevent the number of infections, the cabinet wanted as few jobs as possible to be lost and therefore set up various support packages for organizations and self-employed people who saw their turnover fall. The cabinet stopped most emergency packages in October last year. According to Statistics Netherlands, the total subsidy amount for wage costs and fixed costs in the summer of last year amounted to 34 billion euros; 80 billion euros for a year and a half . Viewed across the country, employers on the Wadden Islands received relatively the most corona support. About 47 to 63 percent of the company locations used the support packages. One possible reason for this is that many businesses on the islands depend on tourism, which all but came to a halt in the pandemic.