When building your ecommerce business, graphic design resources
such as stock photos, logo design services, image editing
softwares, and color pallet communities are helpful ways to
create a professional looking and well rounded site, however,
knowing what services are available and filtering through
clumsy websites to find the quality ones can become time
consuming. Unless you’re in the know, finding vetted services
through a simple Google search can quickly become overwhelming,
so we’ve come up with a solution.

These are the tools we use, and tools other industry
professionals use, to create stand-out websites that are
beautiful, well imaged, optimized, and attractive to our
customers. These are the top recommended graphic design
resources to use for your business.

Stock Photos

Imagery is often the ultimate attraction to a potential
customer, so it’s worth your while to provide eye catching
imagery on your website. There are two types of imagery to
have: product photos and lifestyle shots. Product photos are
simply photos of your products, usually set against a neutral
background. These photos you can take yourself, especially if
you follow our DIY Product
Photography blog post tutorial, but using stock images
won’t be the right fit for this purpose.

What you want to use stock images for are lifestyle shots.
Lifestyle shots give your potential customers an example of how
your product fits into their everyday life, or sets a scene
that tells a story or provides the appropriate ambience for
your brand.

For example, Ikea will have isolated product photos on neutral
backgrounds so you can examine the product for its details
without distraction, but they’ll also style it in a room so you
can see how it would look in your house.

If you aren’t particularly skilled at photography, don’t have
the proper equipment or can’t hire a professional, stock photos
are a great resource to use when you’re starting out. There are
hundreds of thousands of free images you can find via simple
searches, the hardest part really is finding a quality website
to search for these stock photos on.

There are plenty of websites that don’t provide quality photos
or enough options, but the ones we’ve listed below are all
vetted and offer top notch quality in various different
categories, and best of all, not of them are free to use with
no attribution to the photographer required. Get searching to
help bring your website to life.


The resources listed under this category are mostly huge
databases of images you can go to to search for literally any
kind of photo. Hundreds, thousands, and hundreds of thousands
of photos make up each database, and they’re one of the first
places you may want to look to get the largest selection of
images available. All the other categories listed below offer
resources that provide more personal or niche style of images
which you’ll want to look into if you’re looking for a specific
kind of image, but this category is stocked with all your stock
photo needs.

500px (Free): For breathtaking photos
and an interactive user sharing experience.500px Marketplace (Premium):
Royalty-free stock photos.Alamy (Premium): Thousands of stock
photos, vectors & videos.All the Free Stock (Free): For free
stock photos, videos, sound effects, icons & more.A Prettier Web (Free
& Premium): Styled desktop stock photos.Barn Images (Free & Premium): A
collection of free images & premium photo packs.Best Stock Photo Free (Free):
Interesting and free stock photos from various categories.BlogPhoto.tv (Premium): High quality,
original images for content creators.Brusheezy (Free & Premium):
Photoshop brushes.Can We Image (Free): Simplified
Wikimedia Commons search system.Compfight (Free): Visual inspiration
search tool.Death to the Stock Photo (Free): Free
photos & inspiration monthly.DepositPhotos (Premium): Stock
photos, royalty free images, vectors & footage.Designer’s Pics (Free): Quirky high
resolution images for commercial & personal use.Dreamstime (Free & Premium):
World’s largest stock community with 48 million images.Every Stock Photo (Free): Featuring
the Library of Congress and NASA free images.Fancy Crave (Free): Driven to provide
authentic, emotional, storytelling images.Foter (Free): Millions of stock
photos and the most popular public domain stock photo site.Free Digital Photos (Free): Classic
stock photography for business and personal use.Free Images (Free & Premium):
Hundreds of thousands of classic stock photos.Freeepy (Free): Photos for commercial
use.Freepik (Free): Vectors, photos &
PSD downloads.Free Range Stock (Free): In-house
images & archives plus thousands of exclusive photos.Get Refe (Free): High quality,
natural looking photos available individually or in packs.Getty Images Embed
(Free): For non-commercial websites and blogs.Good Free Photos (Free): Public
Domain images, clipart, vectors and more.Gratisography (Free): Quirky
high-resolution photos, new images added weekly.HiResStock (Free & Premium):
Stock photos for designers.IM Free (Free): Images, templates
& more.ISO Republic (Free & Premium):
Exclusive photos used by designers, bloggers & teams.iStock (Free & Premium): Images,
illustrations, videos, vectors and more.JeShoots (Free & Premium): Stock
photos & PSD mockups.Kaboompics (Free): High quality
photos, new images everyday.LibreShot (Free): Downloadable photos
for websites, blogs or print.Morguefile (Free): Over 350,000 stock
photos for creatives.Negative Space (Free): New stock
photos added weekly.Offset (Premium): Royalty-free images
from award winning creators.PDPics (Free): Public domain
pictures.Pexels (Free): All the best free
stock photos in one place.PhotoDune (Premium): Royalty free
stock photos & images.Photo Pin (Free): Millions of photos
for bloggers and creatives.PicJumbo (Free): High quality stock
photos in various categories.Pickup Image (Free): High resolution
image collection.Pixabay (Free): Over 760,000 stock
photos, illustrations and vectors.Pixite Source (Free): Photos,
textures and overlays available in several categories.Public Domain Archive (Free): Vintage
& modern public domain images for creative projects.Re:Splashed (Free): Thousands of
high-definition images for web & design projects.Rgbstock (Free): More than 100,000
stock photos available.Skitterphoto (Free): Public domain
& stock photos for commercial use.Snapwire (Free): Authentic, royalty
free photos.SplitShire (Free): Stylized images
for commercial use.Stock Image Point (Free): Personal
photo collection for individual or commercial use.The Stocks (Free): Royalty free stock
photos, videos, mockups, icons & more.StockSnap (Free): Hundreds of high
resolution stock photos added weekly.Stock Up (Free):
Searches through over 14,000 images and 28 stock photo
sites.Stockvault (Free): Hundreds of
photos, textures & illustrations added weekly.StokPic (Free): Stock photos for
commercial use.TinyEye (Premium): Image search &
recognition.Unsplash (Free): High resolution
photos with various curated collections.Vecteezy (Free & Premium): Vector
Art, stock graphics & more.VectorStock (Free
& Premium): 4.5 million royalty-free vectors.Visual Hunt (Free): Search for high
quality stock photos in one place.WeGraphics (Free
& Premium): Vectors, brushes, icons & more.Wylio (Free): Creative Commons photo
finder & re-sizer, attribution required.


These resources are specifically related to tools or imagery
that businesses would want to use. Whether you want to create
product mock ups or just want some images of people or teams
working in offices, these resources cater specifically to that.

Dunnnk (Free): Generates mockups for
Apple & Android products.Graphic Burger (Free): Mockups,
UI kits, icons, text effects, backgrounds and more.InstaMockup (Free): Create beautiful
product screenshots for iPad & iPhone.Magic Mockups (Free): Real-life
mockup generator.Placeit (Free): iPhone mockup
generator & app demo videos.Really Good Emails (Free): An entire
library of the best email designs.Startup Stock Photos (Free): Business
related photos for startups, bloggers and media.


Want professional food photos for your website? Need something
specialty? Want some exquisitely styled photographs? These are
the resources you want to use if you’re building your business
in the niche food industry.

Foodies Feed (Free & Premium):
Food photos in various food related categories, plus PSDs.Food Shot (Free): High resolution
food specific photos.Free Food Photos (Free): Food stock
images.The Picture Pantry (Premium):
Collection of food stock photography from the world’s finest
photographers.StockFood (Premium): Food media for
creative professionals.


Similar to the “Everything” category mentioned above, however
these photos are more personal and in some cases even rustic
and homespun. Each resource here offers different subjects and
styles, and you’ll want to take your time sorting through each
page of photographs to find exactly what you’re looking for.
It’s definitely worth the searching though, because these
resources are full of character that may be exactly what you
need to provide the right vibe for your site.

Cupcake (Free): Photos of nature,
cityscapes, food and all things lifestyle.Epicantus by Daria (Free):
Beautifully rustic, homespun and neutral stylized images.Epicva (Free): Team of photography
enthusiasts supplying images in several categories.Life of Pix (Free): High resolution,
city-life images added weekly.Lock and Stock (Free): Quirky stock
photos in several lifestyle categories.Magdeleine (Free): Hand picked photos
of nature, cities and people for your inspirationMMT (Free): Images of nature,
offices, city details and other life moments.Photo Stock Editor (Free): Quirky and
bright images featuring life’s moments.Picography (Free): Captivating
lifestyle, travel and nature images.RaumRot (Free): Stunning
lifestyle imagery for modern creatives.Realistic Shots (Free): Travel,
technology and people are the forefront, every week.Stocksy (Premium): Royalty-free stock
photos, full of life’s energy.Streetwill (Free): Vintage-inspired
photos of everyday life.Super Famous (Free): Quirky &
artistic photos.

Travel & Nature

There’s a lot of passion behind each photograph these resources
offer, which is a perfect way to depict exotic destinations to
your potential customers. No need to travel worldwide to
capture that wanderlust feeling for your website, these stock
photos are exceptional and will have you covered.

Foto Di Spalle (Free): Collected
images from locations around the world.Free Nature Stock (Free): Nature
stock photos updated daily.Jay Mantri (Free): A combination of
captivating city & nature photos.Little Visuals (Free): Get 7
landscape & nature photos every 7 days.Made in Moments (Premium): Travel
stock photos.Moveast (Free): Personal collection
of curated travel images from around the world.Paul Jarvis (Free): High resolution
photos from moments in nature.Pickup Image (Free): High resolution
travel images & clipart.Shutteroo (Free): Travel images &
stock photos.Travel Coffee Book (Free): Sharing
beautiful travel moments.

Vintage, Patterns & Wallpapers

A few outliers in the stock photo categories, each of these
resources is unique in its own way. For specific images that no
photo database may provide, such as vintage photos, pattern
imagery and even desktop wallpapers, these resources are here
to offer you something you may not find elsewhere.

Ancestry Images (Free): Stock images
for genealogy & ancestry researchers.New Old Stock (Free): Vintage photos
from public archives.The Pattern Library (Free): High
quality patterns.Subtle Patterns (Free): High quality
resource for tileable & textured patterns. PS plugin
(paid).UHDWallpapers (Free): High-definition
wallpapers, desktop backgrounds & 4K images.Vintage Stock Photos (Free): Vintage
& retro stock photos from around the world.

Stock Audio & Video and Animation Maker

If a picture says a thousand words then how many must a
video say? This may be a cliche phrase, however, it certainly
works wonders in practice. Say more with a stock video that
will loop on your website and create an ambiance for your
visitors. Of course, creating your own videos can be time
consuming, expensive and result in lackluster quality, so
search through these databases to see what relevant videos you
can find for your site.

Animatron (Free & Premium):
Online animation maker, banner maker & video maker.
Audio Blocks (Premium): Royalty free music, sound effects
& loops.
Coverr (Free): Beautiful videos for your homepage.CriticalPast (Premium): Vintage stock
footage, images & royalty-free archives.Cute Stock Footage (Free): Stock
videos, sound effects, overlays, textures and more.Distill (Free): High-definition stock
videos & video clips added every 10 days.Mazwai (Free): Captivating videos of
all categories, attribution may be required.Pond5 (Premium): World’s largest HD
& 4k stock video library, plus photos & audio.Splasheo (Free): Make professional
introduction videos.Videezy (Free): Stock videos, 4k
footage & high-definition clips.Video Hive
(Premium): Stock footage & video effects.Videvo (Free): Stock videos and
high-definition video clips.Vimeo (Free): Collection of free,
high-definition stock footage from Vimeo.

Image Optimizers

If you’re using high quality images on your site (which you
should be) then you’ll likely be uploading images with large
file sizes. The larger the file size, the longer it takes your
website page to load, and the longer it takes to load the more
time your visitors have to click off and go to another website.
Users expect pages to load in a matter of seconds, so optimize
your images properly and you won’t repel your potential

Each of these resources helps you to shrink the file size of
the image without getting rid of quality, so you can have
properly optimized images that will load quickly for your
customers. Using one of these services is really as easy as
downloading their software, drag and drop your photo in and
voila, they’ll shrink the file size and you can upload it right
away to your website. Easy.

Compressor.io (Free): Compresses
& optimizes images.Image Optim (Free): Compresses &
optimizes images.Kraken (Free): Compresses &
optimizes images.SmallPDF (Free): Compress, convert
& edit PDFs.Smush.it (Free): Compresses &
optimizes images.TinyPNG (Free): Compresses &
optimizes images.

Image Editing Programs

Adobe Photoshop can be intimidating to use for individuals who
have no experience with image editing softwares, but these
resources help you produce the same edited results without
having to learn Photoshop. Depending on how you want to alter
your image and what specifically you want done with it, peruse
through the options below and find the one that’ll work best
for you.

Adobe Photoshop
(Premium): The world’s best imaging and design app, widely used
by professionals & creatives.Adobe Photoshop
Express (Free): Edit photos using Adobe Photoshop
on your phone.Adobe Post (Free): Design custom
social media images.Canva (Free): An easy way to create
and customize images with pre-made templates, layouts, texts
and backgrounds for social media, blogs, presentations,
thumbnails and posters in both PNG and JPG files.Easel.ly (Free): Thousands of
infographic templates to create and share visual ideas
online.Fotor (Free): Edit, collage or design
images.GIMP (Free): Sophisticated GNU image
manipulation tool & cross-platform image editor.Infogram (Free): Create infographics,
charts & maps.Jing (Free): Create desktop
screenshots & video.Landscape (Free): Simple &
streamlines image resizing tool for social media.Pablo (Free): Design engaging social
media images easily with your own photos or from their stock of
over 600,000.PicLab (Free): Create text overlays
& photo collages.PicMonkey (Free & Premium):
Online image editor.Pixelmator (Premium): Full-featured
image editor to enhance, touch-up, and add effects to
images.Pixlr (Free & Premium): A family
of photo editing applications available for download.Recite (Free): Quick and easy quote
creating service for social sharing images.Relay (Free & Premium): Create
and edit images, schedule & engage with your audience.Skitch (Free & Premium):
Annotate, add shapes & sketch on photos & documents to
make your point and provide feedback easily.Smart Mockups (Free): Create product
screenshots.Snappa (Free & Premium): Quick
& easy graphic design software.Word Swag (Free): Add text to images.

Product Image Editing

These are the tools you’ll want to use to create seamless
product photos. They’ll give you that neutral background, no
matter where you actually took the photo and with what
photography equipment, so your product photos will look top
notch. Each of these resources offer professional quality image
editing but not at professional prices.

Clipping Magic (Premium): Instantly
remove product photo backgrounds.Deepetch (Premium): World’s leading
image editing service provider.Pixc (Premium): Remove the background
from product photos.Remove the Background (Premium):
Image background removal service.

Image Editing Help Resources

If you need help learning how to edit images (specifically
through Adobe Photoshop) then take advantage of these resources
below for tutorials. They do more than offer specific image
editing tutorials, so stick around if you want to learn more
about other ways you can enhance your business.

Photoshop Help Tutorials
(Free): Specific to Adobe Photoshop, get answers to your most
basic or sophisticated queries.CreativeLive (Free): Workshops in
creative fields provided by experts. See what’s on live
today.Skillshare (Premium): Classes in all
subjects provided in bite-sized lessons for a boost of
knowledge throughout your day.

Graphic Design Marketplaces

These marketplaces are the place to go to not only find images
but also templates, logo designers, fonts, graphics, themes,
and plenty more. These are your one-stop-shop, go-to’s for
creative design on your website. They’re all super useful
resources in their own way and are all worth checking out.

99 Designs (Premium): Find & work
with logo, web, & graphic design freelancers online.Behance (Free & Premium):
Showcase & discover creative work in the graphic design,
photography & illustration fields.Bootflat (Free & Premium): Open
source Flat UI Kit with a free PSD download for a faster,
easier and less repetitive way for designers to create elegant
web apps.Creative Market (Premium):
Ready-to-use design assets such as fonts, themes, graphics and
images from independent creatorsDeal Jumbo (Premium): Discounted
design bundles with extended licenses.Dribble (Free & Premium): Social
network for creatives to show and tell, promote, discover, and
explore designs.FilterGrade (Premium): Photoshop
actions & Lightroom presets for designers, photographers
& bloggers.Fiverr (Premium): Creative &
professional services provided by freelancers including
graphics & design, writing, advertising, music & audio,
programming & tech, plus more.Function (Free & Premium): Design
blog facilitating resources & inspiration.GraphicRiver (Premium): Huge
collection of graphic assets including logos, fonts, icons and

Logo Design & Inspiration

Need a logo or want to have a look at some good ones? Check out
these resources to help you out if you don’t want to completely
make one from scratch or a template. These high quality
resources are easy to use and you can come out with a stunning
logo for much less of the cost than hiring a designer to make
you one.

GraphicSprings (Free & Premium):
Design a logo onlineLogaster (Free & Premium): Online
software for logo design.LogoJoy (Premium): Artificial
intelligence powered online logo maker.Logopond (Free & Premium):
Showcasing logo designs to inspire and improve talent through
knowledge and experience.Logoshi (Free & Premium): Fast
& inexpensive logo maker.Squarespace Logos (Free &
Premium): Logos made simple.Tailor Brands (Free & Premium):
Interactive & customizable instant logo maker and online
logo designs.Withoomph (Free & Premium):
Online instant logo design generator.


Fonts become a huge part of your branding and the overall look
and feel of your website. The relay a sense of atmosphere to
your customers and sometimes you’ll find you have to settle on
conventional fonts because it’s all that’s on offer. Well not
anymore, if you make use of these font resources! They
specialize in providing quality fonts to help make your website
look and feel better.

1001 Free Fonts (Free & Premium):
Downloadable fonts in many different categories.Adobe Typekit (Free & Premium):
Marketplace for new & additional fonts for designs.Behance Free
Fonts (Free): Assorted selection of fonts.DaFont (Free): Thousands of
downloadable fonts.Font Fabric (Free &
Premium): High quality fonts for web, print or logos.Font Library (Free): Catalogue of
assorted fonts.Font Squirrel (Free): Quality fonts
available for commercial use.Google Fonts (Free): Directory of
open source designer web fonts.The League of Moveable
Type (Free): Well made, free & open source fonts.Lost Type (Free & Premium): A
source for unique typefaces.MyFonts
(Premium): Large library of assorted fonts.What the Font (Free): Find
specific fonts by uploading an image of what you’re looking

Color Pallets

Color pallets play an important role in developing your
website’s branding, which we wrote a whole blogpost about (you
can read more on that here) in order to help you choose a color
pallet, figure out which colors will work well with one
another, how they’ll speak for your brand, and find their HEX
code. Once you’ve read that, these resources can help you
locate all things color that you’ll need to know to build a
beautiful looking website.

0 to 255 (Free): A simple tool to
help web designers find color variations.Adobe Color CC (Free):
Adobe color wheel & color schemes.BrandColors (Free): Color codes used
by famous brands.Design Seeds (Free): Color pallet
inspiration.Flat Color Picker (Free): Best flat
colors for UI design.Flat UI Colors (Free): Small web app
to help you copy colors from Flat UI.Get UI Colors (Free): Get awesome UI
colors for your website.HEX Colorrrs (Free): HEX to RGB
converter.Material Palette (Free): Material
design color palette generator.Material UI Colors (Free): Material
design colors, material colors & color palettes.Paletton (Free):
Color scheme designer.Skala Color (Free): Color picker
for designers & developers.


Icons are useful for working into logos or as images on your
website, depending on your own unique style. Search through the
copious amounts of icons you can find in these resources to get
an idea of what’s on offer and you’ll find yourself reasons to
work them into your store. There are useful tool that many
people forget about using but can really pack a punch when used

Endless Icons (Free): Free icon
library.Flat Icon (Free): Vector icons
available in SVG, PSD, EPS, & icon font.Font Awesome (Free & Premium):
Icon font & CSS toolkit.Fontello (Free): Icon fonts
generator.GlyphSearch (Free): Search for icons
from various services to find what you’re looking for.IcoMoon (Free & Premium): Icon
fonts & SVG icon sets.InconApp (Premium): Search for,
organize and use icons.Icon Finder (Free & Premium):
Over a million icons & thousands of icon sets.Icon Monstr (Free): Thousands of
simple icons in hundreds of collections.IconSweets2 (Premium): Huge set of
minimal icons for any project.MakeAppIcon (Premium): Icon resizer
for mobile app developers.Material Design Icons (Free &
Premium): Icon collections in the format, size & color for
any project.Perfect Icons (Free): The easiest way
to create resolution independent social icons.The Noun Project (Premium): Icons for

Deals on Design Resources

If you’ve scoured all the free design resources and you’re
ready to move onto the premium market, it’s no secret that some
of the stuff out there can really take its toll on your wallet.
Have no fear, use these resources to get discounted access to
some of the more premium, high end and exclusive design related
tools so you can up your game without taking a hard hit on your
bank account.

App Sumo (Premium): Offers &
discounts on varying tools & resources for creative
Design Cuts (Premium): Discounted design bundles for
creative professionals.
MightyDeals (Premium): Exclusive deals for web
professionals.My Design Deals (Premium): Daily
deals for graphic designers & creative professionals.


With these 200+ graphic design resources you now have endless
tools to help you create a visually stunning ecommerce website.
Each of these services will help you to provide a more friendly
user experience for your visitors, and they can help bring your
brand story to life. Creating captivating graphics is an
achievable feat, even if you have no professional experience or
training, so take advantage of what these resources can offer
you and start building a more beautiful website.