POUNDLAND has released a range of bargain school uniforms for parents under stress from the rising cost of living.
The range begins at £1 for polo tops – and prices only go up to a fiver.
1Poundland uniform starts from – you guessed it – £1Credit: Triangle News
The Pep & Co range is on sale in Poundland stores and is available online too.
The range fits kids from ages three right up to 16.
Polo shirts are priced between £1 and £2 depending on size and come in white, although you’ll need to check with your local store whether more colours are available.
You can find your nearest Poundland using the store locator tool.
Sweatshirts range in price from £2 to £4, and school skirts and trousers begin at £3, going up £5. 

Just make sure you factor in delivery costs if you order online – this could vary depending on where you live.
Parents are raving about the bargain clothes online too.
One mum, who bought her daughter a school dress at Poundland, posted the bargain to Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK and said: “These are £3.50 and come with a scrunchie! From Pep & Co in some Poundlands.
“They wash up lovely and are really good quality.”

Other shoppers chimed in, with one saying: “I buy these for my eight-year-old and they are lovely – such good quality.”
One posted: “Pep & Co uniform is fab!”
Another mused: “I get these too! Pep & Co clothing is up there with the others”
One said: “All of their uniform is pretty good value!”
And one more commented: “I’ve got loads of bits for the whole family – washes nice and lasts!”
The Sun has asked Poundland if the stock is available in stores nationwide, and we’ll update this story when we hear back.
In the meantime, since stock may vary, we recommend calling up your local store first to avoid disappointment.
Where else can I buy cheap school uniform?
Other supermarkets are also selling discounted uniform as kids prepare for starting back at school.
For example, Lidl has launched its range of school uniforms – with prices starting as low as £1.50.
The stock includes the following:

2 pack polo shirts – £1.75
Trousers/skirts/shorts – £1.75
Jumpers – £1.50
Cardigans – £2.99

You can view a full list in our article here.
But you’ll need to visit your local store for these items – Lidl isn’t delivering stock to home addresses just yet.
You can find your local store using the store finder.
Aldi also has a Specialbuy bundle of school uniform available.
Its range includes sweatshirts costing £1.50, polo shirt two-packs costing £1.75 and trousers or skirts for £1.75.
But you’ll have to be quick, as the bundle is a Specialbuy, so once the items are gone, they’re gone.
You’ll also need to factor in delivery costs if you’re ordering online – it might hike the price up, especially if you live further away.
You can find your nearest Aldi store here.
The prices should stay the same regardless of size, and these uniforms fit ages four to 12.
Morrisons customers can also order uniforms online as well as heading to the supermarket.
Prices are as follows:

Black charcoal skirt – £4
Grey trousers 2 pack – £9
Cardigan 2 pack – £8
White shirt – £3.50
White polo 5 pack – £6.50

And Matalan’s uniform items range from £4 to £12.
Items are on available online now and prices are as follows:

Pleated skirt – £12
Grey trousers 2 pack – £10
V-Neck Jumper – £8
White shirt – £4

You can browse more uniform prices here.
You might be able to claim financial help this summer in the lead up to kids going back to school.

Members of Unison can access grants of between £50 and £150 if they meet other income criteria.
And you could get a £150 uniform grant – read about it here.