MCDONALD’S is adding five new items to its menu next week – including mini potato waffles and a new McFlurry flavour.
The fast-food giant is adding the mini potato waffles to its breakfast menu line up and its the first time you’ll be able to give them a try.
1McDonald’s is adding five new items to its menu next week
They will be served as a portion of three and will be available on their own for £1.39, or as part of a breakfast meal.
McDonald’s is also adding the snack along with two new burgers to its menu on Wednesday, October 19.
It is bringing back the BBQ Bacon Stack, which was axed from its menu in July 2021.
The burger, made with two juicy British and Irish beef patties, topped with pepper jack cheese and bacon, will set you back £6.89 for a large.

To make way for its return, McDonald’s is removing the Big Tasty burger.
All Chicken Legends are also being removed from the menu.

It comes as McDonald’s announced that the McCrispy burger will also become a permanent addition to its menu from next week.
Nacho Cheese wedges are also being added to the menu, costing £2.29 for a portion of five, or £5.99 for a sharebox.

They are filled with melted nacho cheese and spicy Jalapeno slices, covered in a crunchy coating and served with Maccies sour cream and chive dip.
They will be joining the menu on the slightly later date of October 26.
But if you have more of a sweet tooth, don’t worry, because there’s something on the menu for you too.
A brand new Twirl McFlurry is also joining the menu.
It is made with ice cream and pieces of Cadbury’s Twirl with Milk chocolate sauce.
The sweet treat will set you back £1.69 for a regular size, or £1.19 for a mini.
But fast food fans are being urged to be quick, as all the new menu items – except for the McCrispy – will only be around for the next six weeks.
In July, McDonald’s revealed it would be adding up to 20p to a number of menu items.
The much-loved 99p cheeseburger increased in price for the first time in 14 years, and now costs £1.19.
But Maccies isn’t the only fast food outlet releasing a new menu.
Burger King has announced the launch of its brand new Memphis Chicken Burger.
It has also announced that the Memphis King beef burger is returning to the menu.
They will be available nationwide from October 18.
It comes just days after McDonald’s announced it would be giving away free fries as it raised awareness of “fry thefts”.
The fast food giant is also giving fans the chance of bagging a free McMuffin and Coke Zero – but only if you’re a student.
McDonald’s is driving its breakfast bus around 10 cities and towns until October 21.
While the McMuffin’s from the breakfast bus are free to students between 11am and 4pm, you usually can’t bag a Maccies breakfast after 11am, despite people wanting it to be an all-day affair.
That’s because the fast food restaurant switches over its menu and starts serving up everyday items like Big Macs and Chicken Legends.
It used to switch to the lunchtime menu half an hour earlier – at 10.30am, but bosses added an extra 30 minutes to the breakfast range in 2019.
Restaurants open 24 hours a day start serving breakfast from 5am.

Every other restaurant kicks off the day with the breakfast menu at their normal opening times.
If you don’t want to order Maccies takeaway and don’t where your nearest branch is, you can find it on the McDonald’s website.