I TAKE a big bite into the McDonald’s new mini potato waffle – it’s crispy, soft on the inside, and tastes better than a hash brown.
I’m testing the brand new McDonald’s items which have hit the menu this week.
6You can only buy the potato waffles at breakfast timeCredit: Louis Wood
6The Twirl McFlurry, McCrispy and BBQ Bacon Stack can be found on the normal menuCredit: Louis Wood
Fans will be excited to hear that three never-seen-before additions can be ordered at one of McDonald’s 1,270 resturatants in the UK.
The new additions are a new mini potato waffles, Twirl McFlurry and McCrispy.
Also returning to the menu is the BBQ Bacon Stack, which was axed from the menu in July last year – so I gave it another taste test to see if it’s just as good as last time.
There’s a catch though, the mini-waffles can only be ordered at breakfast which is from 5am to 11am.

I was also desperate to try another new menu item – the cheesy nachos, but I’ll have to wait, as they are only available in branches from October 26.
If you’re wondering whether or not to try the items for yourself, I’ve put them to the test.
I rated them out of a total of five for taste, appearance and price.
One newcomer was a clear winner, while another was a bit of a flop.

Mini potato waffles – 5/5
6I loved the mini potato waffles – they tasted crispy and better than a hash brownCredit: Louis Wood
When I heard McDonald’s was adding mini potato waffles to the menu, I was sceptical.
Nothing can beat a Maccies hash brown, in my opinion.
At £1.49, the waffles cost 20p more than my beloved hash brown which costs £1.29.
They would have to be something special to be worth it – and they didn’t disappoint.
I was expecting bite-sized waffles, but was surprised by how big they were.
They were crispy, soft on the inside, and I thought they were delicious.
They were slightly on the greasy side, but no more than a hash brown.
I thought they would work better on McDonald’s dinner menu though.
I’ll definitely be ordering them again – but I wish they were on the all-day menu too.
Twirl McFlurry – 2/5
6The Twirl McFlurry was a bit of a flop – I didn’t get many chocolate chunksCredit: Louis Wood
I love a McFlurry.
As a die-hard fan, I couldn’t wait to try the new Twirl flavour.
But I have to say, I was quite disappointed. 
I was looking forward to plenty of pieces of my favourite chocolate bar and lashings of chocolate sauce.
But I hardly got any chunks of chocolate in my McFlurry, and hardly any sauce. Lets hope it was a one-off hiccup.
It costs £1.69 for a regular size, and £1.19 for a mini one.
I wouldn’t order one again.
McCrispy – 3.5/5
6The McCrispy tasted like a chicken select in a bunCredit: Louis Wood
Like many fans, I was disappointed to hear that the much-loved chicken legend would be knocked off the menu by the new McCrispy. 
At £4.99, it costs the same as the outgoing burger, so there’s no difference in price.
My colleague, consumer reporter Sam Walker has already tried it, and said the new burger lived up to its name, so I was eager to try it myself.
I think the McCrispy makes a good permanent addition to the Maccies line-up.
To me, it tasted a bit like a chicken select in a bun.
The sourdough-style bun was nice and dense, which meant it was easy to hold.
There was lashings of mayo – great news for sauce fans.
I think it would be perfect if Maccies added gherkins to it.
BBQ Bacon Stack – 4.5/5
6The BBQ Bacon Stack is just as good as it was last summerCredit: Louis Wood
I could eat the BBQ Bacon Stack all-day long.
It’s made with two juicy beef patties topped with pepper jack cheese and bacon.
At £6.89 for a large, it’s a little pricey – but I think it’s worth it.
It tasted just as good as the last time it was on the menu which was in July last year.

The burgers were juicy, and the salad and onions added a nice crunch.
It needed a bit more smoky sauce, which is why I knocked half a point off.