FANCY an extra £12 towards your Christmas shopping from Tesco? The deadline to claim it is fast-approaching.
To get it, you’ll need to save £200 in your Clubcard account before October 19.
1You could claim money off your shopping with supermarket saver schemesCredit: Getty Images – Getty
The bonus scheme is one of several Christmas savings programmes run by the big supermarkets to ensure you spend all your cash with them at Christmas.
But are they worth it?  
Here Harriet Cooke drills into the numbers.
Clubcard holders can opt to become “Christmas savers” rather than be on the standard vouchers scheme, meaning all Clubcard points get put towards Christmas. 

Do this by logging onto your Clubcard account on the Tesco website, selecting voucher schemes and Clubcard Christmas saver. 
Points are worth £0.50 in vouchers for every 50 earned, the same as the standard value, but you can also top up your account with cash in-store to get a bonus.
The scheme pays a £1.50 bonus, in vouchers, if you top up between £25 and £49.99, a £3 bonus between £50 and £99.99, a £6 bonus between £100 and £199.99 and a £12 bonus between £200 and £360. 
Your cash, bonuses and Clubcard points are all converted into Tesco vouchers which will be issued by post in early November, in time for Christmas shopping.

They can’t be used with Clubcard’s Reward Partners. 

Top up by October 19 to get the bonuses. 
Bonus value: Up to 6% of saving
Payout limit: £12
Pay in deadline: October 19

Members of the My Morrisons saver scheme can buy “stamps” throughout the year in stores which are then converted into Christmas vouchers. 
You get a £1 bonus for saving £49, £3 for saving £97, £4 for saving £146 and £194 gets you a £6 bonus. 
The cut-off for saving is October 31. After that, you’ll be issued your vouchers to spend between November 6 and December 31.

Buy stamps at the checkout and the cashier will link them to your MyMorrisons card by either scanning your physical card or your digital one, which you can find in your app.
The retailer no longer provides paper vouchers and now just does digital ones, which you can request to be loaded onto your My Morrisons card, for use in stores. 
Or you can get an e-code to spend on the Morrisons website.

Bonus value: Up to 3% of saving
Payout limit: £6
Pay in deadline: October 31

Iceland doesn’t actually have a Christmas savings scheme but its Bonus cards can be used to save towards the event.
The cards – which you can pick up in store – give you £1 extra to spend in stores when you save £20 on them, with a maximum of £1,000 saved per card.
You can order cards online and top up at the till.
When you want to use your savings, tell the cashier how much you’d like to spend and the amount will be taken off the card. 
You’ll need to register your card online.

Bonus value: 5% of saving
Payout limit: £50 per card (max £1,000 spend per card)
Pay in deadline: Any time

Co-op shoppers get paper savings books to stick stamps in.
Each stamp costs £1 and you can buy a max of 48 per book, which you can redeem against your shopping at any time.
Redeem a completed book (48 stamps) in December for a £2 bonus.

Bonus value: 4% saving if you spend at Christmas 
Payout limit: £2 per £48 spend 
Pay in deadline: Anytime, bonus doubled in December

Sainsbury’s Christmas Club card must be activated and reloaded at Sainsbury’s checkouts and self-service tills, and you’ll need to register it online. 
Rewards of £2.50 are given for each full £50 you have saved on your card by November 1, up to a maximum of £25 on £500 savings.
The bonus will be added to your card by the end of November. The balance can be used in Sainsbury’s and Argos in store or online.

Bonus value: £2.50 for every £50
Payout limit: £25
Pay in deadline: November 1

Asda’s Christmas Savings Card can be picked up by ordering online or in store. Register it to your online Asda account.
You get a bonus of £1 for saving between £30 and £79.99, £3 for between £80 and £129.99, £6 between £130 and £179.99, £9 between £180 and £229.99, £12 between £230 and £279.99 and £15 for £280 or more.
The cut-off date is 5pm on November 13 and the bonus will come through on the card by November 14.
Top up online using your Asda account or do it in store at any checkout.
The card can be used online on the Asda groceries site, in stores and

Bonus value: Up to 5 per cent 
Payout limit: £15
Pay in deadline: November 13

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