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CONFUSED parents have complained of being underpaid child benefit payments on Friday morning.
The benefit is usually paid every four weeks on a Monday or Tuesday and is worth £21.80 for the eldest child and £14.45 for subsequent children each week.
1Parents have been left baffled by child benefit paymentsCredit: Getty
Parents have taken to social media to share confusion over unexpected early payments from HMRC for child benefit and getting reduced payments.
They have also been unable to get through to the child benefit help line due to phone issues.
Payment dates for the benefit have been changed due to the upcoming bank holidays – but many parents are unaware.
One parent complained: “Is there an issue with child benefit payments? My bank shows only £36.25 being paid tomorrow instead of the usual amount.”

Another said: “Why has my child benefit changed from being paid monthly to weekly? My circumstances haven’t changed.”
And a third asked “Has anyone had a random child benefit payment paid today? I’ve been paid not even half of the amount I usually get a month and I’m so confused as to why!”

Confusion over the payments stems from a change made by HMRC to payment dates due to next week’s bank holidays.
HMRC has said that families getting child benefit who normally get paid every four weeks will get two separate payments.

The first will be paid today (May 27) and will be a weeks worth of child benefit.
A second payment will be made on Monday (May 30) or Tuesday (May 31), depending on your normal pay day, and will be worth three weeks of the benefit.
Those who normally get payments of child benefit on a weekly basis, like single parents, will also see a change to payments
They will see the money land in their bank account today instead of Monday, or Monday instead of Tuesday – so a working day earlier than normal.
But many have been left confused by the change.
Child Benefit is usually paid on Monday or Tuesday. There are two bank holidays next week – on Thursday and Friday.
The Queen is celebrating her Platinum Jubilee, marking 70 years on the throne and there will be a four-day weekend to celebrate.
One parent said: “Love to understand the logic of this. It was due Monday, why not just pay it Monday?”
Bank holidays can affect the usual dates for getting paid benefits, but usually only if your normal payment date falls on one of these holidays.
We’ve asked HMRC why the payment dates have changed and will update when we hear back.
The amount parents get should be unaffected by the change to payment dates – it’s just that it’s been split into two payment dates.
Many mums and dads have been left worried they have been underpaid though.
One parent said: “Was anybody else due child benefit payment today, and been massively underpaid ??”
Another asked: “… have you received your child benefit payment…and is it short by about 60 quid?!”
Parents unaware of the changes and trying to contact HMRC have been unable to get through on phone lines after “technical issues”.
HMRC customer support on Twitter replied to those unable to get through: “We’re aware of issues with the telephony lines.

“It’s under urgent investigation and hopefully the lines will be operating as normal soon.
“Apologies for any inconvenience.”
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