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ASDA shoppers say they are STILL waiting for refunds, weeks after the supermarket cancelled delivery passes for no reason.
Customers were left out of pocket when Asda cancelled delivery passes they had paid for, leaving them unable to do their online food shop.
1Asda shoppers have complained it has cancelled their delivery passes for no reasonCredit: Getty
Asda blamed technical problems when the issues were first raised last month.
But some shoppers are still waiting for the firm to refund them or reinstate their delivery pass.
Asda shoppers can pay £6 a month for a Delivery Pass. It offers next day delivery, priority access to delivery slots, and free next day collection.
But a technical glitch meant some shoppers’ passes were cancelled, even though they had already paid for them.

The problems were first reported last month and Asda promised to refund customers or reinstate their pass.
But weeks later, some shoppers say they are still facing issues.
One frustrated customer took to social media to complain: “I was emailed to say you had cancelled my delivery pass in error 6 months into it and I would get a refund for the unused amount.
“I have not received any refund that I am aware of, please can you investigate and respond as this was a few weeks ago.”

Another tweeted: “They cancelled my delivery pass by accident 6 weeks ago and I’m yet to receive a refund.”
According to MoneySavingExpert, it is not clear exactly how many customers have been affected.
Any customers impacted should have received an email from Asda letting them know the next steps.
But if you think you have been affected and haven’t heard from the store, you can contact its customer services on 0800 952 0101 or through its online chat service.
A spokesperson for Asda said: “We recently experienced a technical issue that led to a small number of customers accidentally having their Delivery Pass cancelled.
“We have now contacted these customers to offer a refund or reinstate their pass, so they can continue to shop with us as normal.”
What other supermarket delivery passes are there?
Delivery passes are popular among shoppers who prefer to buy their groceries online.
They can get you a cheap or even free delivery slot, and access to priority slots at busy times such as bank holidays or Christmas.
It’s important to check the terms and conditions though – as many will have a minimum amount you must spend on each shop, or a limit on how deliveries you can get.
Tesco offers a monthly delivery pass for £7.99, with free delivery on orders above £40 and free click and collect on shops over £25.
Sainsbury’s customers were raging when the supermarket recently hiked its delivery pass rates by 25% to £40 a year.
Meanwhile, at Morrisons you can get an anytime pass for £65 a year or a pass that gets you access to midweek deliveries for £35.
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