The Microsoft Threat Analysis Center (MSTIC) has discovered evidence of a new ransomware campaign targeting transport and logistics companies in Ukraine and Poland. This was reported on Microsoft’s blog , Ukrinform reports. As noted, on October 11, within an hour, the Prestige ransomware, which was previously unidentified, attacked a wide range of systems. This program encrypts the victim’s data and leaves a ransom note stating that the data can only be unlocked by purchasing a decryption tool. Read also: Russian hackers attacked websites of American airports – CNN It has not yet been possible to find out who exactly is behind the attacks. However, according to Microsoft experts, they are similar to early attacks by a Russian cyber group linked to the government. In particular, the targets of the new ransomware coincide with the victims of another data destruction cyberattack involving the FoxLoad or HermeticWiper malware. This attack affected hundreds of computers in Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia at the beginning of a full-scale Russian invasion, writes Reuters. Read also: Hackers are powerfully attacking links to fundraisers for kamikaze drones As Ukrinform reported, more than a dozen American websites, including several of the largest US airports, were blocked on Monday as a result of cyber attacks, for which Russian-speaking hackers claimed responsibility.