In Donetsk region, the Russian invaders fired at night and in the morning in the Donetsk and Horliv directions, there are wounded civilians, damaged residential buildings. The head of the Donetsk regional military administration, Pavlo Kyrylenko, reported this in Telegram , Ukrinform reports. “At night and in the morning, the Russians shelled the Donetsk and Horliv areas… Chasovoyarsk, Bakhmut and Svitlodar communities are suffering in the Horliv area. Chasiv Yar was hit by an airstrike – the house was damaged, no information was received about the victims. At night, shelling of Bakhmut and Ivanivskyi continued — 2 people were wounded, 2 houses were damaged,” the head of the region wrote. According to him, Avdiivka and the villages of the Ocheretyn community came under fire in the Donetsk direction. In Avdiivka, there were isolated flights into the old city, and in the morning there was massive artillery shelling of the center. Also at night, the Russians shelled the Karliv reservoir on the territory of the Ocheretyn community. According to preliminary information, there were no victims. Kyrylenko noted that there was a lot of noise in the Svitlodar community in Odradivka and at Mayorsk station. He published photos of the destruction and once again called on all residents to leave the dangerous region: “Civilian residents of Donetsk region are killed and injured every day by Russian shelling. Staying in the region is dangerous! Evacuate in time!”. Read also: the Russians bombarded seven regions of Ukraine in a day – a summary of the OVA As reported, the Donetsk region is under constant shelling by Russian troops, there is no gas supply in the region, and there are problems with water supply. More than 1.2 million people left the region, in which 1,670,000 people lived at the time of the full-scale invasion. By the autumn-winter period, no more than 235,000 people involved in the process of defense and support of critical infrastructure should remain in the region.