The European political community, the first meeting of which will take place today in Prague, will not be an alternative to the enlargement of the European Union or a substitute for full membership in the EU. This was emphasized by EU High Representative Josep Borrell in a blog on the website of the European External Action Service , Ukrinform reports. According to Borrell, after a preliminary discussion by members of the European Council on the creation of the European Union, the first inaugural meeting of this structure will be held on October 6 in Prague with the participation of the leaders of 27 member states, all candidate countries, as well as Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Great Britain, Georgia, Armenia , Azerbaijan and Liechtenstein – a total of leaders of 44 European countries. “It will be an event … with a large number of participants. It cannot be more than a primary exchange (of thoughts). Several questions remain unresolved, in particular, what will be the main purpose of the European Union, the final terms of its membership, how will its relations with the EU be built. And also how it will work in practice. For example, will she make decisions and have her own budget. Although many aspects need to be clarified, it is at least clear to me that the ENP cannot be an alternative to EU enlargement (an “ersatz” EU or substitute for full membership),” wrote a senior EU representative. The European political community, he believes, should also have “added value” for cooperation with existing institutions such as the OSCE, the Council of Europe, as well as with EU framework initiatives such as the Eastern Partnership. This new community should unite countries on the basis of common values and principles. Borrell also noted that it should be an easily accessible and effective structure, and at the same time it should not turn into a place only for meetings and conversations – in addition to discussing matters, the ENP should be able to implement them. Key areas for joint efforts will be discussed in Prague at the highest level, including issues of security, energy, climate change, migration, etc. The high representative of the EU noted that there is a need to rethink and rebuild the current European order, outside of working within the framework of the EU or NATO. The first discussion among the leaders of the countries will be devoted to how such an order should be organized. Read also: The European Union may launch a military training mission for Ukraine on October 17 – Borrell As reported, the idea of creating a European political community was expressed by French President Emmanuel Macron on May 9 and became the subject of wide discussion among European countries, political and analytical structures. On October 6-7, an informal EU summit will be held in Prague, which will consider the initiative to create the European Union on the first day of work. It is expected that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi will take part in the discussion. The second day of the summit, the actual meeting of the European Council, will be devoted to consideration of the entire range of issues related to Russian aggression against Ukraine, including continued support to Ukraine, ways to overcome the energy crisis in the EU and response to rising prices on the global energy and food market.