The Armed Forces of Ukraine published an appeal to the population and personnel of the Armed Forces of Russia with a call to think about why they are participating in this war unleashed by Putin, why they are dying, because Ukraine has never threatened their state. This was reported by the Strategic Communications Department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Telegram, Ukrinform reports. “Ask yourself, what are you fighting for? For fear of your leaders losing power? For their lifestyle built on money stolen from you and your families? For their stupidity and incompetence? Ukraine has never threatened the Russian Federation. Today you are not at war with NATO. No matter how much Kremlin propagandists tell you about it. You are fighting against Ukraine,” the appeal reads. the Russian military were reminded that they are on the territory of a foreign country and are participating in war crimes committed by the leadership of Russia . Every day they are thrown to their deaths, because these people are consumables for their command, and no one counts the losses. It is emphasized that the Armed Forces of Ukraine protect their people and their country from Russian aggression. Since Ukrainian soldiers are ready to defend their families, their Motherland to the last, Russians are advised to think about their families as well, who need alive and healthy men. “Life is not given to carry out the criminal orders of Putin’s regime. Save your life and future. Refuse to participate in Putin’s bloody war, lay down your arms for the sake of your safe and peaceful future,” Ukrainian defense forces urge. The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine offers the Russians to surrender and return home alive. They are guaranteed compliance with the Geneva Conventions on Prisoners, medical assistance, and contact with family and friends. It is emphasized that all those who surrender are guaranteed control and compliance with their rights by the international organization of the Red Cross. All those who surrender themselves are registered as captured during hostilities, because this allows them to avoid persecution by the Russian special services and guarantees that all payments will be kept for them. Military personnel who do not want to return to Russia on exchange will receive asylum on the territory of Ukraine. In addition, Ukraine offers a monetary reward for the voluntary surrender of weapons, military equipment and ammunition. “This is not treason, this is a normal reaction of normal people to a criminal war,” the Ukrainian military added. To surrender as a prisoner by prior agreement, you need to contact representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the following phone numbers: +38 066 580 34 98 or +38 093 119 29 84. Or use the chatbot in the Telegram messenger “I want to live”. You can contact the Ukrainian military yourself or with the help of relatives or close people. If there is no connection, you can surrender, perform a number of actions: go to the positions of the Armed Forces and loudly declare your desire to surrender, discharge your weapon, indicate your desire to surrender with a white cloth, a flag or a visible bandage on your weapon, and follow the instructions of Ukrainian servicemen. Read also: The Armed Forces destroyed almost 68,000 Russian invaders in eight months As reported by Ukrinform, on October 21, the Armed Forces of Ukraine published an appeal to the population and personnel of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus with a call not to get involved in the dirty war of the Russian Federation against the Ukrainian people.