the Russian Federation continues to look for ways to restore communication across the Dnipro in the Kherson region after the Antoniv Bridge was damaged by the strikes of the Armed Forces. As reported by Ukrinform, the Ministry of Defense of Great Britain reported this on Twitter with reference to intelligence data. “Russian troops continue to strengthen crossing points across the Dnipro River, and have also completed the construction of a barge bridge next to the damaged Antoniv bridge in Kherson. Although the use of heavy barge bridges was almost certainly part of the Soviet-era plans for operations in Europe, it is likely that this is the first time the Russian military has had to use this type of bridge in several decades,” the department said. The British Ministry of Defense noted that the use of civilian barges is likely to “give Russia additional material and logistical advantages, as it lost a significant number of military bridge equipment and engineering personnel during the invasion.” “If the barge bridge is damaged, Russia will almost certainly try to quickly repair or replace the damaged sections, as their forces and crossing points across the Dnipro River come under increasing pressure in Kherson,” the agency added. Read also: About two thousand mobilized Russians were brought to Kherson Oblast As reported by Ukrinform, British intelligence previously stated that Russia is unlikely to be able to form combat-ready formations on the territory of Belarus.