The head of the Tesla and SpaceX companies Elon Musk emphasizes that he still strongly supports Ukraine after yesterday he organized a scandalous poll with his proposal to “achieve peace” between Ukraine and Russia. As reported by Ukrinform, this is how he responded to President Volodymyr Zelenskyi’s post on Twitter . “I still very much support Ukraine, but I am convinced that a large-scale escalation of the war will cause great damage to Ukraine and possibly the world,” Musk wrote. Read also: Nauseda – Masku: When someone tries to steal Tesla wheels, that does not make them the owner As reported by Ukrinform, yesterday Elon Musk offered a survey on his Twitter page in which he outlined his position on the solution of the Crimea issue, in particular, he offers to agree to Russia’s conditions regarding Crimea . More than 60% of those who already “voted” for this “proposal” of Mask rejected it. Read also: The British ambassador explained the difference between conflict escalation and self-defense In response, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy organized his own poll on Twitter about which Musk he likes more – the one who supports Ukraine or the one who is for Russia. Photo: Yasin Ozturk/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images