On the morning of October 18, the Armed Forces of Ukraine shot down a Russian Su-25 attack aircraft in the Kherson region, and another enemy Su-34 fighter-bomber with full ammunition fell in the Rostov region. Yuriy Ignat, the spokesman of the Air Force Command, informed about this on the air of the Yedyny Novyny telethon, reports Ukrinform. “The Southern Air Command has literally just reported that a Su-25 of the Rashist was shot down in the Kherson region. Also, overnight, 5 and, as reported now, the 6th Shahed drone was shot down in the south of the country. Another “Shahed” was shot down by the air command “East,” said Ignat. He also added that there is information about the downing of four Russian Kalibr cruise missiles. Read also: Air defense in the afternoon shot down two cruise missiles that the Russian Federation fired at energy facilities in Ukraine According to Ignat, in addition to the Su-25 shot down by our Air Force, the Russians lost another Su-34 aircraft last night. “The Russians will post a video of how the Russian Su-34 plane crashed in the Rostov region, the pilots ejected. This plane, with a full complement of ammunition, was flying to fire missiles at Ukraine. That is, the Russians destroyed their apartment building with their plane, and there are casualties,” Ignat emphasized. Read also:Air defense shot down a Russian drone over the Black Sea As reported by Ukrinform, the Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated about 65,850 Russian invaders from February 24 to October 18, which is 530 more people compared to the previous day.