Director General of Taiwan’s National Security Bureau, Chen Ming-Tung, said China is studying the experience of the war in Ukraine to develop its own “hybrid war” strategy against Taiwan, including the use of drones and psychological pressure. This is reported by Ukrinform with reference to Reuters . “This year, the communist military borrowed the experience of the Russian-Ukrainian war to develop a ‘hybrid war’ against Taiwan and strengthen its combat training,” Chen said while speaking in parliament. Since the August drills , China has expanded its “grey zone” and hybrid activities against Taiwan, especially with the use of drones, Chen added. Taiwan says China’s “gray zone” military campaign involves irregular tactics to wear down the enemy without resorting to open combat, such as frequent flights into Taiwan’s air defense zone and forcing Taiwan’s air force to step up. Read also: In Taiwan , there was a sharp reaction to Musk’s proposal for “appeasement” with China It is noted that Taiwan, for its part, is carefully studying the lessons of the Russian-Ukrainian war in order to respond appropriately if China, which considers the island its own territory, carries out threats to use force to ensure its sovereignty. As reported, tensions between China and Taiwan have increased since US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei in early August. Read also: The United States calls on China to resume negotiations suspended after Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan China considers the self-governing Taiwan to be its territory and raises the question of the possibility of its annexation. The US maintains informal relations and defense ties with Taiwan.