British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace reprimanded French President Emmanuel Macron after he ruled out a nuclear retaliatory strike against Russia if it uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine. This is reported by Ukrinform with reference to Daily Mail . According to Wallace, Macron “opened the cards”, confirming that if Moscow uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine, France will not retaliate. As the publication notes, against this backdrop, tensions are rising due to the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin may authorize a nuclear attack, as his illegal invasion of Ukraine continues to fail, although the Kremlin denies that it intends to use its arsenal. “In recent weeks, NATO allies have repeatedly warned that the consequences for Russia would be dire if it did launch such an attack, although the exact nature of these attacks has been deliberately left ambiguous. And these threats will be very important in Putin’s mind when dozens of nuclear bombers take off from bases in Britain next week during exercises simulating a nuclear strike,” the newspaper writes. However, as noted, a “gap appeared” in such a united front, when Macron ruled out the use of his country’s nuclear arsenal in the event of a strike by the Kremlin, allegedly for fear of causing a “global war.” Speaking to state broadcaster France 2, Macron said the French doctrine is based on the nation’s fundamental interests, which are clearly defined and “would not be directly affected if, for example, there was a ballistic nuclear strike in Ukraine.” Asked about such statements by the French leader at a NATO meeting in Brussels, Wallace said they “reveal President Macron’s cards.” “We believe that if Russia uses nuclear weapons, it will have serious consequences for it. This would be a violation of the 1945 taboo on the use of nuclear weapons. And that would leave the country and Putin incredibly isolated around the world,” Wallace said. The Telegraph quoted Nato sources as saying Macron’s words could breach the “principles of deterrence” and that he should not “talk about it publicly”. Read also: Putin must stop the war and respect the territorial integrity of Ukraine – Macron As reported, Macron said that in the coming weeks, Ukraine will receive radars and missiles for air defense from France.