The Security Service of Ukraine intercepted the phone conversation of a Russian soldier, in which he explains how Russian “detention units” work: prisoners are shot by mobilized recruits, and those by regular troops. As reported by Ukrinform, the SBU reported this in Telegram . “The convicts were brought to us from the prison. They were led somewhere forward and forward. And we sit like a barricade line: if someone runs back, we will dunk them. We have this set up: that is, we sit second, guard the first, there is another line behind us You can’t go back there either. That is, it is impossible to run away – they will shoot their own people,” laments the invader. He complains to his wife that “according to the documents” he should not be in the war at all, because according to the plan he should now be in training. “The guys called this committee of yours. They say we are not in Ukraine, do you represent us? We are in training!” – explains the Russian military officer. “So if the invaders want to survive and save their lives, we advise them that the only correct way is to surrender to the Ukrainian defenders,” the SBU emphasizes. There is a hotline for Russian military personnel and their relatives: +380665803498, +380931192984. Read also: The mother of the invader complains about different attitudes in the army and blames Putin for this As reported by Ukrinform, the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the east captured a large number of recently mobilized Russians . One of the invaders admits that it is better to sit in prison and be alive than to lie dead in Ukrainian land.