When you start a online store, or any business for that matter,
it is a good idea to have some fun doing it. It’s a lot of work
so you will spend a lot of your time doing it. And everyone
knows it is way easier to work on something that you like than
having to do something you dislike. So why not going all the
way and sell stuff that is used to make prank video’s. A cool
domain name would be prankvideostuff.com, I have checked it on
11-01-2015 and it is free. So go and get it.

You can sell all kinds of products in that shop idea. You can
sell the Mutant Giant Spider Dog
 from the video below. But also the camera
they used to film the video. And also the cosmetics they have
used. But you could also start a shop that sells your service
in making pranks like these for others. So if someone likes to
play a prank on the boss or there wife they could Google you
and hire you to create the prank.

Start your own costume brand

Why not start producing your own brand? You can start importing
your costumes from China but you could also find people in your
own community who can create products like these. That way you
could sell costumes that are custom made. Like the Spider dog
from the video above. Not every dog is the same size. So it
would be great if you could produce one that fits.

No returns on custom made products

One of the biggest problems that online stores have are
returns. Every store owner will tell you that they hate
returns. Custom made products can not be returned. So why not
only sell custom made products. If you are smart you can think
of many ways to create custom products. Even if you would sell
the Apple iPhone 6 you could still sell them custom made. You
could engrave the phone with the name of the customer. You
could even charge them for this service but your main profit
would be, NO RETURNS.