provides independent information to anyone who
wants to sell on the Internet. To start a online shop is easier
than ever. You can quickly start your own professional online
store without any technical knowledge or experience.

You can even start an online store without stopping your job or
without high start-up costs. You also do not have to have any
programming knowledge.

Starting an online store? Good idea!

More and more people start their own online store because you
no longer have to be a techie or need to have a lot of money.
Revenue from the sale of products over the internet has
increased in the first six months of 2013 to EUR 5 billion, and
this is in The Netherlands (very small country). That is an
increase of over 8% compared to the same period in 2012.

Web shops are HOT!

Starting a web store is a good investment in the future. For
some nice pocket money or a company where you can earn lot of

This is how you start your online store

Starting an online store starts with ideas about the product
that you want to offer. Maybe you have a hobby and you would
like to do more with it? Or maybe you have a passion for any
product. If you want to sell products on a small scale
registering is with the Chamber of Commerce is not required, in
most countries. How ever it would be wise to check within your
local Chamber of Commerce. Would you like to play things bigger
than it is wise to go along with the Chamber of Commerce and to
register as an entrepreneur

With what product would you like to start?

In 2013, the increased product are: (children’s) clothing
(+14%, with a total of € 395 million) and Telecom (+12%, € 685
million). ‘Travel’ remains the largest segment with sales
totaling nearly € 2 billion in the first half of 2013 (up 5%).

Toys is this year’s most rapidly growing market segment (+24%,
€ 31 million). And Music (+18%, € 53 million) and Computer
Hardware showed strong growth (+17%, € 370 million).

Mass products such as electronics are sold by many online
stores. It will not be easy to start an online store and to
compete. Unless you know a hole in the market to find a
specialized range. Read more about choosing products for your
store here.