Porto e-Commerce Theme is a new, 100% responsive Magento theme
template that has been bundled with unique features that sets
the pace for the rest to follow.

Look here for details and a preview


Super-Fast and Responsive

With over 10 unique layouts, Porto eCommerce Theme loads fast
and it is 100% responsive. Visitors and subscribers can access
your website on any Operating System Platform, using different
screen sizes or device, comfortably as the site is adaptive to
all screen sizes and devices including: Smartphones, tablets
and PC.

Easy Setup

With Porto theme, there are no more hassles when it comes to
setting up the theme. You longer have to worry about dealing
with configuration of column layout, color settings and other
nitty-gritty tweaks that consumes a lot of time and if not
careful can mess up the whole theme.

Porto offers a quick and easy setup, the Import Demo x button
features allows you to get demo setup of pages, sliders,
sidebars, extensions and skin configurations. With over 10 demo
versions to choose from, you are spoilt for choice.

For the tech savvy, you can customize the appearance of the
theme using the powerful admin panel, to fit your preferences
and tastes.

Layout variations

Porto Magento theme offers a wide range of layout variations
from 1200px – 10240 px, making this theme 100% adaptive to both
small and large screen sizes.

Unlimited Header Layouts

Porto offers you a wide variety and variation of header styles,
colors and so much more.


Porto is fully compatible with Ajax. For those who rely heavily
on Ajax, this theme is perfect for your website.

Mega Menu & Vertical Mega Menu

This bundled feature allows you to have unlimited categories of
the different products that are on offer. Both menus are
customizable to suite your customers’ needs and convenience.

Customizable Category Page

Online store owners can now customize the category page using:

  • 2-8 columns Products
  • Boxed/full Width banners
  • Static/Slider Banner Mode, Parallax Banner
  • With/without sidebar

Creativity on your fingertips

Porto offers online commercial store owners unlimited access to
the powerful admin panel in order to customize the website to
suite your visitors and subscribers needs. You can customize
the layout, colors and styles in a few minutes.

100% Compatible with Magento Extensions

Porto is compatible with major Magento extensions, including:

  • IWD Onestep Checkout
  • Blog
  • Shop by Brands
  • Color Swatch

RTL Support

Porto Magento Theme supports Right to Left (RLT) languages
including Persian, Urdu and Arabic.

List of Key Features

  • Magento 1.7.x – 1.9.1 Ready!
  • Responsive Magento Theme & Retina Ready
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • Only free Google Fonts over 300
  • Easy Install Sample Data
  • Fluid Product Grid 2 – 8 Columns
  • Unlimited Header Types
  • Super-Fast Magento Theme
  • 1st Fully Working Ajax Theme
  • Various Category Banners
  • Parallax Category Banner
  • “New” and “Sale” Product Labels
  • Customizable Product Image Ratio
  • Nice Price Slider
  • SEO Friendly
  • Mega Menu, Vertical Mega Menu
  • Flexible Menu functionality
  • Change Image on Hover
  • Support Right-To-Left Language
  • Fast Support & Regular Updates
  • Compatible with Mango Attributes watches Extension.
  • Compatible with Zeon Manufacturer Extension.
  • Banner Slider in Category Page
  • Product Page with/without Sidebar
  • Lots of Useful Custom Blocks
  • 8 Homepage Layouts including Full Screen mode
  • Magento Ajax Navigation Extension Integrated
  • Magento Ajax Cart Extension Integrated
  • Touch Friendly for all Mobile Devices
  • 300+ Admin Features
  • Browser Compatibility(IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera)
  • Social Bookmarks for Products

Changelog: Update History

Version 1.0.0 (12/10/2014)

Initial release

Version 1.0.1 (12/12/2014)


– Product image zoom style issue in the product view page on
IE9, IE10.

– Multiple zoom icon shown issue, while loading page.

– Mini Search form style issue on mobile browsers.

– Vertical Menu style issue on Home version 4 and 6, when
screen resolution is between 992px and 1200px.

– The buttons style issue of the Login/Register form in
Checkout page on mobile resolution.

– Category label style issues.


– It’s possible to show the add to cart button and add to links
in the product image area in the catalog grid mode, when mouse
over the products.

– Added jquery parallax js file with stellar js file, you can
use other parallax style.

– Enhanced documentation for installation.

Version 1.1.0 (12/17/2014)


– Blank page issue, when there is no product image on the
product page.

– Search box style issue in the header on safari.

– Full Page Ajax extension issue, after run ajax catalog on the
category page.

– Latest Products list issue on Magento 1.9.1.


– Default value of the except elements for Full Page Ajax

– Transition effect in the homepage sliders.

– Minor styles of the Homepage Sliders and Contents.

– It’s possible to change the “To Top” icon colors on the

– It’s possible to add custom menu at the right corner of the

– Added Homepage version 9.

Version 1.1.1 (12/22/2014)


– Ajaxcart option popup background issue on boxed version with
the background.

– Right corner menu style issue on Sticky Header.

– Removed “<br />” from error message on ajax cart.

– Quickview issue, when product has no product image.

– Quickview script error, when disabled configurable swatches
on Magento 1.9.1.

– Display Out of Stock Products, when set the config “Display
Out of Stock Products” in Filterproducts extension.

– Pager Next/Prev button issue on RTL Version.


– Added Previous/Next Product Links on Product View Page.

– Added Newsletter Popup.

– Updated Homepage 5 Slider.

– Updated Homepage 6 Slider.

– Updated Homepage 6 Content.

– Compitable with IWD_Onepagecheckout Extension.

– Compitable with Zeon_Manufacturer Extension.

Version 1.1.2 (12/25/2014)


– Boxed version style issue.

– Update cart issue on edit cart page.

– Continue Shopping issue on cart page, after removed items.

– Page top and bottom white area style issue.

– Prev/Next Products issue, when enabled flat category.

– Add to Cart Button issue, if the product is out of stock.

– Footer Ribbon text setting issue on the Theme Setting page.


– Ajax cart success popup with auto close timer.

– Newsletter Popup close button style.

– One Static Block(id:porto_fashion_category_banner)

Version 1.2.0 (1/6/2015)


– Out of Stock Product issue in Product list page on Magento

– Newsletter Popup issue after subscribe.

– Product Image issue on Firefox, when select swatches on
Magento 1.9.1.

– Removed Prev/Next Product in Quickview popup.

– Ajax cart timer issue on product view page.

– Category Label issue for menu item has no children.


– Added Homepage version 10.

– Added configure Product Image Zoom width for “Keep Image
Aspect Ratio”.

– Added page layout for max width 1024px.

– Added disable border radius option to the admin.

– Added theme version update reports.

Version 1.2.1 (1/14/2015)


– Qty changer issue for bundle product, when disabled update

– “No Products” issue, when change the price slider.

– Login and Forgot Password submit button issue for IWD
Onepagecheckout extension.

– Catalog Search Autocomplete style issue.

– Color Swatche issue on Magento 1.9.1.

– Minor css style issues.


– Added Header Type 9.

– Added Homepage 11.

– Enable/Disable Catalog Category Search.

– Added Compare link in header top links area.

– Shipping calculator tab will be opened, after submitted on
shopping cart page.

Version (1/15/2015)


– Product Image issue, when product has one image.

– Qty changer issue on cart page.

– Shipping Cost Calculator issue on cart page.

– Minor css style issues.

Version 1.2.2 (1/30/2015)


– Blank month number at the blog date ribbon.

– Doesn’t get the correct Latest/Featured/New Products

– Default value of except elements and except form ids for
Full-page Ajax.

– Get the PHP error message for mega-menu if catalog flat
category is enabled.

– Doesn’t work additional price for configurable options on
Quick view.

– Broken upsell product block action area styles (add to cart,
add to wishlist, add to compare buttons set) if maximum page
width is 1024px.

– Ajax cart url isn’t correct when product has custom options.

– Footer Top doesn’t work if sets it with the custom block.

– Page scroll is in the bottom of the page after filter by
attributes or pagination on Category Page.

– Configurable swatches doesn’t work, after filter by
attributes with Ajax on Magento 1.9.1.

– Minor CSS style issues.


– Added Easy Demo Install Module.

– Added Header Type 10.

– Added Home 12.

– Added more Product View Page Config options.

– Added custom char sub set option.

– Upgraded Home 2 Slider.

– Upgraded Home 7 Slider and Color Skin.

– Upgraded Home 9 Slider and Color Skin

– Upgraded Home 11 Slider.

Version 1.3.0 (2/11/2015)


– Price Slider URL issue with other ports.

– Initialize PHP variables for Previous / Next Products Helper.

– Showing Shopping Cart Page in Quick view Popup when click
“Go-To-Cart-page” button after added products to the cart on
Quick view Popup.

– Division zero issue in mini-cart.

– Move Actions is not working after Ajax filter.

– Quick view popup background issue for boxed version.

– Minor CSS style issues.


– Added Meta Title for Blog.

– Added 1280px page maximum width layout.

– Added Full width page maximum width layout.

– Added 2nd footer middle area.

– Added Header Type 11(Full Width).

– Added Home Version 13.

– Added Home Version 14.

– Added Image banner on all pages for full width page layout.

– Added Footer newsletter block title configuration.

– Added Popular Tags block for footer.

– Upgraded Homepage Slider 11.