Pinterest is an online media platform that allows its users to
share and save content on their ‘boards’, which is a virtual
collection. It was launched in 2010 by Evan Sharp, Ben
Silbermann and Paul Sciarra as the co-founders. The website
initially started as a closed model where users could only be
invited to join. Pinterest opened its doors to the public in
August 2012. Pinterest as a social media platform is designed
for business. Unlike other social networks, its main focus is
in the sharing of media, including images and videos, which are
ideal when promoting a product or service. This social network
benefits businesses that rely on a more visual side to market
and sell their products and services. Opening an account is
easy and it will only take you a few minutes to sign up and set
up your account.

Business Vs. Personal Account

Personal Account has various features that are focused and
designed for individuals, however, the business account has
additional features and tools, such as Pinterest analytics,
which help you track your presence and statistics about your
average daily, weekly or even monthly viewers, impressions and
engagements. To sign up for a business account just click on
the business option on Pinterest page or here.

Connecting With Pinterest Users

Pinterest has familiar features that can help you interact and
stay connected with Pinterest users and even non-users as well.


This is similar to retweeting on Twitter. Pinterest allows
users to add and even share other users ‘pins’. This is an easy
and fun way to interact with users and gain followers.


By clicking the heart-shaped button on a pin that you like is
one of the easiest ways to interact with other users on
Pinterest. It is similar to liking a Facebook post or clicking
on the star-shaped button when you like a tweet on Twitter.


If you want like to add a comment on a pin, just click on the
pin and a larger window will pull up, you can easily add a
comment and share with the rest of the Pinterest users.

Tagging Users

Pinterest has made easy for you to tag Pinterest users using
the @ symbol, just like Twitter. Simply use the @ followed by
the username of the person you would like to tag and they will
be notified immediately.

Sending Pins

Even if the person is not on Pinterest, you can easily send
pins you want to share by hovering pins and clicking the send
button. The box popup will allow you to insert the email
address or Pinterest username of the person you want to send

Using Rich Pins to Maximize Your Business Returns

Rich Pins are additional features to the ordinary pin. It
allows users to add more information about the pin that has
been posted. Currently, Pinterest offers 5 categories of Rich
Pins, including Movie Pins, Recipe Pins, Place Pins, Article
Pins and Product pins. Depending on the nature of your
business, it is important to identify the types of pins that
will be of benefit to your business. For most online store
owners, Products Pins are usually the best. The Rich Pin
feature is made available for your account when you apply for a
specific category of pin you want for your business account.