The design of your website’s landing page is important as it
determines the rate of conversions in your website. Even though
there is no ideal way to design your landing page, the
information you intend to communicate to your target audience
must be straight forward and clear. Here are a few tips to
use whenever you are designing a landing page:

Establish your Logo

Your business logo must always be visible and often at the top
to assure the users that they have come to the right place. The
logo must be simple to read and remember. When choosing a logo,
always go for one which most of your target users can easily
relate to and can remember.


It is obvious that your website ought to have a headline, but
not just any headline. It must be simple, concise and clear to
capture the attention of the user. Clear Headlines also help
you improve your AdWord ratings, which improves your ranking on
search engine websites.Zumiez, for instance, clearly captures
the user’s attention by using clear and concise headlines while
listing their products.













Vivid Imagery

Use of images on your website is not necessarily important, but
when used, ensure that they are vivid, and high definition if
possible. Clear images showcasing your products do have a
contributing factor in the probability or likelihood of the
user purchasing your product. It is therefore important to have
vivid images that portray what you offer.

Call to Action

This is the secret ingredient that will motivate the user to
sign up or subscribe in order to access your products or
service. Have taglines, statements that call users to action.
Redbooth, project collaboration system, has a Call to Action
statement that motivates users to sign up.


Building Trust

Do you have partners or collaborating businesses? Don’t shy
away from placing them on your website. This indicates that you
are authentic and users accessing your website. The likelihood
of users subscribing or signing up to access products or
services will increase. So always include awards,
certifications, testimonials that your business has received
recently. For instance, place your partner logos above the fold
to make it easy for users to see.


Whitespace on your landing page can be very enticing. It gives
users the familiarity of reading an interesting article or
chapter on paperback or Kindle. Your website’s body should
utilize whitespace efficiently. It improves the user’s
experience as the information on the page is easily digested.
Ensure that Icons, Texts contrast well against the whitespace.

Form fields

This section is vital as it allows you to have information
about the user, who is likely to be a subscriber or buyer. Form
fields should have very few fields requesting for user
information. As a rule, do not bombard users with numerous
fields as this is a deterrent to users. Basic information such
as, email address and name will get you more conversions.