Normally we only write about e-commerce on Pagayo, but hey why
not blog about something else. My daughter loves music and
she likes to listen to it everywhere. So what is her solution
to this problem? Ask daddy.


After a lot of searching if have found this solution. Get a app
that downloads and syncs a Android with Google drive. And get a
Music Player that can play music from one folder. After a lot
of testing I have found Foldersync and n7player to do the job. Both these apps are
free but bought of them have paid versions. I have only tested
the free versions. I also saw that you can use Foldersync with;

  • – Amazon Cloud Drive
  • – Amazon S3 Simple Storage Service
  • – Box
  • – CloudMe (using WebDAV)
  • –
  • – Cubby (using WebDAV)
  • – (using WebDAV)
  • – Dropbox
  • – Dump Truck (using WebDAV)
  • – GoDaddy (using WebDAV)
  • – Google Drive
  • – HiDrive (using WebDAV)
  • – Livedrive Premium (using WebDAV)
  • – MEGA
  • – (using WebDAV)
  • – NetDocuments (using WebDAV)
  • – OneDrive
  • – SugarSync
  • – WEB.DE (using WebDAV)
  • – Yandex Disk (using WebDAV)

I do not know all of these services but I do know Dropbox and
Amazon S3 & Cloud Drive. I am sure this app will work as
fine with these services as it does with Google Drive

Foldersync for Android

My daughter loves n7player. It has many cool features and it is
very simple to use. But I like it because of two feature.
You can set n7player to use only one folder to play music from.
The second feature is the option to not let the player search
all your music or playable files.

So now we have what we want. We have only one folder to sync
with Google and we have no problems with all the other files
that are on your Android. I am sure there are many more apps
that can do these tasks but these are the options I have found
and that work.

n7player for Android