Important: New Security Patch (SUPEE-7405) and Release –

Today, we are releasing a new patch (SUPEE-7405) and
Community Edition to improve the security of
Magento sites. There are no confirmed attacks related to
the security issues, but certain vulnerabilities can
potentially be exploited to access customer information
or take over administrator sessions. You can download the
patch and release from the Community Edition Download
Page and learn more at

Community Edition Merchants:

  • SUPEE-7405: Patches for earlier versions of Community
    Edition can be found on the Community Edition DOWNLOAD PAGE. Select the Release
    Archive tab and look for SUPEE-7405 in the Magento
    Community Edition Patches – 1.x section.

Be sure to implement and test the patch in a development
environment first to confirm that it works as expected before
deploying it to a production site. Information about installing
patches for 
 is available online.