Importance of mastermind

When Napoleon Hill coined the term “Mastermind” groups in 1925,
no one would have thought that it would have such a big impact
ninety years later. Mastermind groups refer to a group of
like-minded individuals who come together to push each other to
work to their highest potential while holding each other

As an entrepreneur in any business, there is a likelihood of
you feeling as if you are all alone. You might resolve to
thinking that it’s only you who is facing the business
challenges alone. With a mastermind group, you will be able to
discover that some of the challenges are common, while
solutions for those challenges will be offered by the members
of the group.

Why should you form a Mastermind group?

Is it important to have a mastermind group as an entrepreneur?
The answer to this question is “Yes, definitely”. A mastermind
group helps you have a broader perspective of the industry you
are currently in.

It has been discovered that “you are an average of the five
people you spend the most time with”. It is therefore true to
say that your thoughts and behaviors are a sum of five people
you spend most of your time with.


Being in a mastermind group helps you to be accountable. You
are able to acknowledge the challenges that face your business
and get to share your concerns with the group. In a mastermind
group, you are able to receive solutions which you can
implement in your business in order to overcome the challenge.
The members will make you accountable about the progress you’ve
made in overcoming the challenges that face your business.

Feedback and Advisement

Mastermind groups give you an opportunity to receive feedback
from other members on the progress and prospective ideas you
would like to implement in your business. The feedback and
counsel received is essential in forming practical solutions
that will help grow your business. Mastermind groups also help
you to have a holistic viewpoint of the ideas or solutions you
would like to implement in your business.

Collaboration and Synergy

Mastermind groups provide an opportunity to collaborate on
similar business projects. If you are in a Mastermind group
where the members belong to the same industry, you can easily
collaborate and come up with a viable business project that
will boost the already existing project.

The interaction created by forming a mastermind group help you
have a reliable and strong group who are really to share
brilliant ideas that you haven’t thought about before. This
ingenuous sharing of ideas brings about creativity, a key
element in every enterprise.

Networking and Cross promotion

You definitely need new connections if you want your business
to expand. The only way this can be achieved is through
communication with different people. A mastermind group offers
a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to meet new people and in
the process meet their friends and colleagues who are
interested in the products or services you offer. It is through
networking that your business can grow, as the people you
interact with are potential buyers or better yet, will promote
your products and services to their friends. Forming a
mastermind group increases the likelihood of cross promotion.

Exclusive Community and Support

The Mastermind group offers an opportunity to interact
informally with the members. The members get to share brilliant
ideas as you casually talk about your common interests in
business and other aspects of life. Some of the ideas shared
during these casual interactions are invaluable and can
sometimes be transformational to your business. The mastermind
group is a source of support, especially when you need help in
managing better managing your business. The members support
each other during hard economic times when their businesses are
not doing well.


Mastermind groups are resourceful since members bring in their
skills and experience in their business. The members get to
share their experiences where other members learn how to handle
similar situations in their businesses.


Mastermind groups are essential to every entrepreneur. Forming
one today will help you be one step ahead of other players in
the industry.