One major challenge that every entrepreneur faces is how to
market their product to consumers. Some entrepreneurs find it
hard to differentiate their products from those of their
competitors, which leads to poor sales conversion.

Essentially, a consumer should be able to differentiate the
attributes and benefits they get from your product from those
of competitors. If there are no points of difference, your
product will easily be replaced by that of the competitor.

As an entrepreneur, your products should have unique features
whether apparent or perceived by consumers to be beneficial and
of essence. If consumers can have a strong association of your
brand with these special benefits, then your product will
become more appealing and superior compared to competing
products. Apple, for instance, has for the longest time made
their products desirable by investing in a unique design,
interactive IU which is easy to use. These attributes have set
the company apart from competing products, enabling it to
remain the top player in the sale of mobile devices.

In order to gain traction and loyalty of consumers to your
brand, you must ignite the consumers’ thirst for your product.
To achieve this, you must

Make your product desirable to consumers

Your brand must be personally appealing to your consumers. If
they don’t find the product appealing, they will not buy the
product. You must provide compelling reasons why your product
can deliver the desired benefit. The rationale must be simple
and understandable for it to be effective. Most beauty product
adverts really on this principle to woo consumers to desire
their products.

Make the product deliverable

Your business or company must have the resources to feasibly
and profitably create and maintain the brand association in the
minds of consumers. Most entrepreneurs usually fall in the trap
of investing in the wrong design and marketing which ends up
wasting the investment. Entrepreneurs should only invest in
product designs and marketing that support the association of
the attributes and benefits to the product. This can be
achieved either through actual changes to the product itself or
rely on a perceptual shift in the way consumers view your

Your product must be different from competitors

Your product must be perceived as superior and distinct from
the competitors. This brand association is key and must always
be emphasized when marketing your product. Think of Energizer,
“the longest-lasting battery”, Energizer has not only gained
traction, but also consumer loyalty as they have come to
believe that their batteries are truly the longest-lasting.

Similarly, you must establish the key feature that makes your
product different from the competitor, package the brand
appropriately focusing on that point of difference which
clearly showcases your product as being superior.

Always remember that consumers only purchase a product which
they perceive as being superior.