Sometimes I do really hate Magento. Today I hated it BIG time.

I had to import products for a client weeks ago, but somehow
the products did not show up in the Magento backend. There was
no error to be seen, and also the indexes etc where running
just fine. After I had searched Googlefor many hours and did
like 1000 tests I came to the conclusion that there was no
error in this Magento install and that the only problem could
be the csv list that I was importing.

So what happend. The products where imported, I knew this
because there was no error to be seen. Also when I checked
phpMyAdmin I saw the products. Also I noticed that in the DB
the products where not in the Flat catalog. Than I exported the
products with the Magento export function. And there they
where, all the missing products. So when I comperred the list
with the products that where visable I saw that the status
field was empty. There was no error during the import so what
happend here.

You should no that the client was Dutch and tthe whole shop was
in Dutch. So we always had the strange…