With the advent of internet and growth of e-commerce business,
more and more people are working from home. With only a PC and
internet connection, you can comfortably complete tasks without
leaving your home. Most e-commerce businesses hire freelance
workers to work on the e-commerce websites and manage their
business activities remotely. It is more convenient and saves a
lot of money compared to having a full-time employee.

When you work from home, you don’t need to travel physically to
the office, or spend idly in your office without work. You get
to wake up at any time, even wear pajamas and work from bed.
You have the freedom of how to spend your day and how much work
you complete on a daily basis.

Working from home can be enjoyable, at least for the first few
weeks, but you’ll discover that there are so many distractions
that hinder your performance on the job. How can you
concentrate when you’re tempted to keep your TV on as company
or when your kids are always seeking your attention?

These distractions can derail and jeopardize your work. It is
therefore important to always monitor your productivity and
when you notice that your work performance is not at par, you
can take the following measures:

Designate your Office Working Space

Dividing your office and personal space is important in
ensuring that you maintain your productivity. Mixing the two
will do more harm than good. You will find yourself working
from your bedroom or living room instead of working from your
desk or home office.

When you fail to separate your working space from your personal
space, you risk having documents stored haphazardly all over
your home. Separating your working space will ensure that your
business documents are all in one place, where you can easily
trace and retrieve.

Organize your work stuff 

After establishing a working space, ensure that your work is
always organized or at least most of the time. Establishing a
filing system where you file your aging documents
chronologically will save you time spent in tracing important

Purging is vital if you don’t want to have a clutter of waste
paper on your desk. Ensure that you purge waste papers not in
use. Establishing a weekly routine for organizing your office
will ensure that it is conducive for working.

Dress to the Occasion

Just like an employee heading to the office, always dress to
the occasion. Dressing formally makes you have a serious
approach to the work. Working in pajamas can give you a drowsy
feeling towards work. It can be tempting to stay with your
pajamas the whole day, but dressing up just as you would when
you go to an office will improve productivity.

Buy Beautiful, Ergonomic furniture

Most people working from home often compromise on the furniture
they use. If you want to stay productive for longer, you must
invest in comfortable furniture, but not too comfortable to
hinder you from concentrating while working.

Interact and mingle

Most people working from home have a tendency to stay indoors
for hours, even go for days without interacting with other
people. Though the work is paying your bills and hence
important, don’t let it compromise your social life. Ensure
that you get to spend enough time with your friends and family.

You can also work remotely at a different venue other than your
usual working space. Go to the library, coffee shop or hub.

Exercise Daily

Working from home can draw you into a sedentary lifestyle.
Spending long hours in one position increases boredom and
apathy. It is essential for you to exercise daily. Now that you
have control of your own time, you can choose to exercise in
the morning or evening, whichever suits you. Exercising
regularly rejuvenates and helps you lose weight.

Know when to stop working

Having a work schedule will help you create time for enough
rest. It is important to know when to stop working as sustained
long working hours can lead to burnouts. Always create enough
time for you to sleep and take a nap.