In this tutorial we will explain what we think is the best way
to setup your Magento shop without spending to much money

The subjects we will discuss

  • Hosting
  • Design
  • Extensions
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Useful links

Magento Low Budget Hosting

We think SiteGround is the best and cheapest hosting
company you can find. There start rate is as low as $3.00 a
month. But even on that account you get very good service and a
lot of features. You can use the caching options and the
connection to CloudFlare. You will have cPanel for your
management and Softaculous for a one click Magento installation.
And if Magento is not all you want, than you can add WordPress or
Drupal on
the same server. So go to SiteGround and see for your


Free Magento Themes

You are reading this on the website. So you must by
now know that we have very good free Magento themes. But in
case you mist that, here is a link to our Free
. Our free themes are build for speed and design. The
designs are made simple so they can be edited by people with
just very little css knowledge.

A good way to use images without spending any money

  • We use Pixlr Editor all the time. It is just a very good
    and user free website. You can edit images, create slides. You
    can safe images as .png or .jpg and more. You can do all the
    basic PhotoShop things without paying anything.
  • When we need royalty free images for a website and we do
    not want to pay for it, we use Google. You simply go to and search for example “Flowers”. You will find many flower images, no
    magic there. But than you click on “Search Tools” and
    than on “Use rights” and “Labeled for reuse” you choose you
    will find royalty free images.

A Chromebook is cheap and fast. You will like
all the features a Chromebook has to offer you. You will see
that Google has created a fast and good working system that any
Magento shop owner would love. But because they are so in
expensive it is especially good for starters. Chromebook for Magento