So how can you know your customers’ expectations?

Customers’ needs are dynamic and keep on changing from time to
time. For any business to be successful, the entrepreneur must
identify the customers’ needs and expectations. Most of the
time, the customers don’t have high expectations about a
product or a particular service. This is because the businesses
have not offered high quality products or exceptional services
which would set their expectations at high levels.

E-commerce businesses have flooded the market and in order for
you to have an edge in the industry, you must constantly meet
and exceed the customers’ expectations. The major challenge
with meeting these expectations is knowing what exactly the
client or customer wants. This is where most entrepreneurs go
wrong as what they think the customers wants is totally
different from what the customer expects.

So how can you know your customers’ expectations?

Customers who access your business, whether through your
e-commerce website or your local store, should be an
opportunity to make a sale. But how do you do this? How can you
meet the customer’s expectations?

The initial contact

Your business must be warm towards the customer. They need
something and that is the reason why they have come to your
website. Customers come to your business because you have a
product or service they need. Therefore, being able to meet
their first need of being aware of the availability of the
product is key.

Allow the customer to experience a quick access to the
information they need is one way of ensuring that their
expectations are met. Fast and reliable information about the
products really helps the customers to know better about the
product before purchasing it. Listing down the features, some
of the applications of the products in daily life can really
help the customer make their purchase decision.

E-commerce websites that lack reliable and knowledgeable
information always lag behind other competitors.

Entrepreneurs can rely on social media platforms, live chat
sessions and emails to keep tabs on their customers.
 These platforms offer opportunities for entrepreneurs to
interact with customers, get feedback and follow-up on their
progress using the product.

Exact Product Ordered

Customers don’t ask for much apart from what they have ordered.
If a customer likes a product and add it to cart, they expect
to receive that particular product in the right size, shape,
color and texture. Anything less than what was asked for deters
customers from ever buying from your e-commerce website again.

It is therefore important as an entrepreneur to make sure that
your products meet the standards that customers wants, and that
every customer gets the exact product they ordered for.

Fast Shipping

Customers want to receive their goods as soon as possible upon
purchase. If you can offer 48 hour shipping to the customers,
don’t hesitate to offer it as an alternative to 7 day or 30 day
shipping period. Customers often appreciate fast delivery of
products and services. Therefore, fast shipping of goods, from
your warehouse to the customer’s private address makes your
customers recognize your effort.

A sober return policy

Contingencies and technicalities can result in the wrong
dispatch of products purchased or damage. As an entrepreneur,
you should establish a reasonable return policy of products
whether they have been wrongly dispatched or damaged in

Having a sober return policy enables customers to have
confidence in your business and buy your products.

Simple Surveys

The word survey brings a picture of a participant filling
endless forms that consume lots of time. But this doesn’t have
to be the case. Conducting simple surveys can be a great
opportunity to get the feedback as well as expectations of
customers. Even a simple question can be enough to give you the
needed information to know how the customers feel about your
product or service.

Creativity in implementing these strategies

Once you have brainstormed and come up with ways to meet the
customers’ expectations, you can creatively implement them.
Giving a personal touch to a follow-up email, or including an
additional complementing accessory to a product that has been
purchased can really exceed the customers’ expectations.

Meeting customers’ expectations requires you to rely on social
media, feedback from customers and strategies to meet and
surpass their needs. You can exceed their expectations by
listening to their needs, through surveys and feedback and
implementing strategies that cater for their exact needs.
Therefore, every entrepreneur must always conduct a continuous
analysis of their business regularly to ensure that customers’
expectations are being met.