Videos have become very popular mainly due to the advent of
social media platforms that make it easy to upload and share
media with other social media users. Videos can become viral
instantly mainly due to the information it conveys. If it’s
perceived to be humorous or important, people will definitely
share it with other users. The main question here is: Do you
need to integrate videos into your Ecommerce Website? Are there
any benefits and most importantly, what are the costs of having
videos on your website? Let’s start off by venturing deeper
into the reasons why videos can increase your conversation and

Sharable and Clickable

Videos are can be easily shared through various social media
platforms and even through emails. They are clickable making
them easy watch and move on to the next video.

Luring and Captivating

Videos are more captivating compared to other forms of
communication. They leverage on both Visual and Audio which
makes viewers more attentive compared to single-media
communications. In addition, videos allow you to creatively
showcase your product, something you cannot achieve through
text-based communications.

For Google

To be precise Google favors videos, especially those posted on
video websites such as YouTube. Videos on YouTube tend to be
viewed almost instantly upon uploading a video. Videos, just
like articles are ranked according to viewership and
usefulness. It is therefore important to ensure that the videos
you post are entertaining and informative. Now that we have
understood some of the reasons why you should integrate videos
in your e-commerce business, we can now have a closer look at
some of the reasons why some choose not to do so.

Perceived Complexity

There has been a misconception that videos on e-commerce
websites are complicated to create and set up. On the contrary,
creating videos and setting them up have become simplified
through numerous web tools and applications available.


E-commerce businesses have not leveraged on videos due to the
perceived expense and high cost. In reality, cost of making
videos has been lowered, especially with the availability of HD
cameras at very affordable prices.


This might be the major reason why many e-commerce businesses
are trailing when it comes to using videos to market and
promote products and services. Videos don’t have to be perfect
for them to go viral. A video that is of high quality and
communicates to the target audience will receive high
viewership as many will find it informative.

Video Strategies That Will Promote Your E-commerce Business

It is important to establish what your e-commerce business
sells and the type of video strategy or strategies it requires
to increase your conversions and sales. Below are a few Video
strategies you can integrate with your business.

  • Featuring Brand New and Trending Products – This video
    strategy entails posting videos of brand new or trending
    products on a regular basis. It allows users to view the latest
    or trending products.
  • Provide Additional Value Through Video – This strategy
    entails offering after-sale services by posting videos on how
    the users can benefit from the product.
  • Product Features – this video strategy entails posting
    videos that explain the features of the products. This can be
    also be done through comparison with a previous version or
    variant of similar products. Viewers can easily distinguish the
    new from the old by the additional features, increased
    efficiency and utility.
  • Tutorials – Yes, You can offer tutorials on how to set up a
    particular product or perform a specific task. Tutorials are
    ideally best for explaining how to use a new product in the
    market, educating viewers about a foreign concept that is
    unfamiliar to them. Learning a new language, for instance,
    would require you to view tutorials that offer opportunities
    for you to learn more about the language. This usually starts
    from the basics to more complex concepts. This can as well be
    helpful for businesses that sell products that require
    technical knowledge of operating the equipment.


Though Videos have become so common, especially in social
media, videos are still underutilized. There is so much you can
achieve using videos in marketing products and services. If a
picture is only worth 1,000 words, Videos are worth 1,000,000
times more…