We all know that video can be a very important part of your

You can show in great detail what you are selling. Youtube does
index very well on Google search engine. People like to share
Youtube on social media. So we thought it is time to make an
extension that makes it easy to have a responsive Youtube video
in your Magento shop. We think it is old school to have a good
looking responsive theme and than use Youtube in a non
responsive way. When you are using a mobile theme you will have
the same problem. The video it self will to be part of the
theme so it will stray large and not respond. When you have a
fluid design it will also look bad. The YouTube film will have
the same result as with the responsive or the mobile themes.

  • So, where is this extension? Well we have to
    create it. If enough people give there reaction on this page
    we will create it.
  • What will it cost? At this time we do
    not know. Maybe it will be free but it could also be $9.95.
  • Will it work in any theme? We are not 100%
    sure. But it would be strange if it did not work. If you use
    a well created theme it will defiantly work.