Social Media has brought about rapid growth of online business.
Business owners and managers have discovered social media as
the tool to push the products or services into the market.
Leveraging on Social media platforms can help your start up
business to increase in sales and growth of the business.

Twitter has been identified as a versatile tool that
can help your business engage with your target consumers. It is
easy to manage, but sometimes can be tricky and overwhelming.
Through twitter, you can interact and offer after-sale services
to consumers. Here are just but a few ways to effectively
leverage on Twitter as a business tool to increase your
business sales revenues.


Merge Your Brand with your Twitter Bio

No matter which industry you are in, your brand is very
important and your target consumers on twitter must be able to
easily identify your brand. Your Twitter profile must inform
users who you are, have a link to your company’s landing page.
The voice also need to be consistent with the mission and
vision of your company.

Twitter image

Identify Influencers and Interact with Them

You need to identify the influential people in the area you
intend to specialize in. Identify influential leaders,
journalists, consumers and bloggers in the areas of interest.
After identifying them, follow them instantly and start
interacting with them. Don’t push your products immediately, be
casual and genuinely helpful. Social media users will often
react negatively if you come across as being too promotional.
Build a genuine relationship and always look out for
opportunities to work jointly.

Start the Conversation Internally

Do you have colleagues in the business? Get them to start
talking about your products or services on Twitter. Motivate
them to comment, to retweet your posts and favorite them.
Starting internally builds a strong following that attracts
other users to follow you.


When a new user follows you, always follow back. This motivates
the user to engage you when you tweet about a new product or
service on offer.

HD Videos and Images

Always tweet images and videos of products or services that
your company offer. This helps users to vividly view the

Tweet Regularly

Do you have something about your company you would like to
share? Always post it on Twitter. When users comment, engage
them in the conversation. If other users tweet a message of
gratitude, quote or a message that will positively impact on
the users, always retweet. Another way to keep your followers
engaged, is to always share links to your new blog posts. This
allows users to visit your website and view your products or

Captivating Hashtag

Always come up with hashtags that users can easily relate and
identify with. When used or retweeted often, Hashtags can make
a product, service or topic to trend. It is therefore important
to always user hashtags.