Ecommerce Photography: How to Sharpen Product Images on your

Images have a powerful way of conveying information to
consumers. Users seeking products on your websites will
literally judge your products based on the product images
posted. It is therefore important to be creative when taking
snapshots of products for your website. If you want to improve
your conversions and revenues, your images must be clean, vivid
and attractive. How would you achieve this? You must always:

Various factors must always be kept in mind whenever you are
about to make shots of products you intend to sell. Firstly,
the color of the background must be clean and should contrast
nicely with the product. Most people prefer using a white
background, but it doesn’t necessary need to be so. If the
background color enhances visibility of the product and it’s
neat, it’s a good background to work with.

The distance is yet another factor that you must always
consider when capturing images of similar products. Ensure that
the distance from the camera remains the same as this
consistency will make your images more consistent, neat and

Using uniform background color when capturing images of similar
products also amplifies your range of products. Always remember
that consistency in background and distance can make a whole
lot of difference for your ecommerce website.

Most eCommerce Administrators and entrepreneurs focus more on
the product description, listing all the features of the
product, forgetting the most vital part – showing the features
to the consumer. Ideally, your consumers should have an almost
real experience with the product. For instance, if you are
selling headphones, showcase the product in 3D in order to give
viewers a virtual experience.

This entails making snapshots of products at different angles,
showing the product’s rear, front, left side, and right side
view. Allowing your potential buyers view the product in 3D
will increase the likelihood of them buying the product.

What makes your product unique? What are the key features of
the product that would transform the consumer’s livelihood? If
your answer to both questions can be captured using a HD
camera, then don’t hesitate to do so. Creatively take snapshot
of the product’s features and unique qualities and let those
images be the landing point whenever users clicks on that
particular product. This woos the users leading to high sales