In October 2013 Adwise development the module

The module is available in the Magento store and free to
download. The developed module is intended for those who want
to use the recently rolled out functionality within Google
Adwords : dynamic Remarketing.


Dynamic Remarketing

This is a new feature that was recently rolled out for Adwords
campaigns. It is a form of Remarketing where as regular
visitors can be “chased” with banners, but dynamic banners that
show relevant offers automatically. The banners will
automatically return products that the visitor viewed, but also
products from the same category. Visitors are reminded of the
shop and the products they have viewed, but also presented new
products they might be interested in.

So very relevant! This ensures a high probability of
click-through and conversion.

The module

The module is designed for shop owners to easily implement
within the Magento shop. Tracking script from Google The
tracking script is one of the requirements to be set up. A
dynamic remarketing campaign By going through the installation
and configuration steps in the module to the shop the
Javascript code implemented in a proper manner . Then you can
get started with setting up the campaign .

Instead of many search work you integrate this module in a few
simple steps the tracking script and you are able to set up. A
dynamic remarketing campaign For more information about the
module or set up a dynamic remarketing campaign in Dutch please
contact Adwise. If you need English Magento
consultant please contact Pagayo.