Site auditing is critical for SEO. But due to the variety of
site platforms and increasing complexity of SEO factors, a
thorough site crawl can be a challenge. That’s why it’s
so easy to overlook critical site issues in
2016 (and get confused by technical SEO altogether).

But what if there was an SEO crawler that’s both
thorough and easy to use? We did our best to build
one. Today’s
big WebSite Auditor update
lets you see any
site (regardless of what it’s built on or which SEO factors you
need to analyze) exactly like search engines do.

Here are some of the cool things you can do with the new
WebSite Auditor:

  Crawl JavaScript &
dynamically generated content;

  Use Custom Search to
find all instances of any piece of content on a site;

  Identify redirect

  Find pages buried too deep on
your website;

  Crawl password-protected

  Spot pages that load too

Jump to the page to learn all about WebSite Auditor’s new
capabilities and try the tool yourself – and please don’t
forget to share your feedback in the comments! 😉

Rendered crawling & much more in the new WebSite