The announcement of buyable pins by Pinterest is a favorable
move for e-commerce businesses, especially startups. This new
feature, which will be available to all for free, will allow
Pinterest users to buy items directly from Pinterest. Once a
user likes a product and wishes to buy it, all they have to
do is click on the Blue Buy button and quickly purchase the

It is amazing how this feature holds so much promise that
will revolutionize how shoppers buy products. Most
entrepreneurs have already integrated their products to
Pinterest meaning that when the buy feature is available for
all, users will be able to purchase your products directly
from Pinterest.

Simple and Secure

Pinterest is simple and user friendly. Browsing either on
your smartphone or PC is captivating and leaves you wanting
more. Coupled with the security features that have been
integrated, Pinterest users can purchase products safely
using ApplePay or credit card.

Creativity and Maximization

Buyable pins are here to enable you to creatively promote
your products to make sales. It will nurture healthy
competition among Pinterest business users as they compete to
make sells and maintain their competitive advantage.

Bringing Products Closer to the Heart of Consumers

Everyone is already signed up on Pinterest sharing snapshots
and videos. It has become a hotspot for e-commerce businesses
as Pinterest is reliable and focuses on the hand-picked
products. As long as your products are of high quality and
Pinterest users love it, it will sell on Pinterest.

An easy reach to Shoppers and making sales

With the Buyable pins, you now have an easy reach to shoppers
and a boost in your sales revenue. It is safe, secure, and
soon Pinterest will be opening doors for you to integrate
your website and Pinterest Business account to utilize and
maximize this amazing feature.