In her book, Health Psychology, Second Edition, Catherine A.
Sanderson defines burnout as the experience of long-term
exhaustion and diminished interest. Burnouts are caused by
stress factors that can result in complete disinterest in
activities that you would normally enjoy and derive

A major concern has been the rising number of
entrepreneurs who at one time in their lives have experienced
burnouts. In order to understand better how to prevent
burnouts, we must critically look into some of the behavioral
patterns that can trigger burnouts.

Saying “Yes” to Every Opportunity

As an entrepreneur, you are always seeking new
opportunities, new deals, new connections and collaborations.
Once the opportunity comes knocking, you will to commit and
accept to sell products or services that the client or consumer

Saying “yes” to every opportunity is a weakness
that all entrepreneurs have suffered from. It becomes difficult
to decline an offer, especially if the contract is lucrative.
This weakness has led to entrepreneurs accepting too many
contracts at a go, and collaborations that are beyond their
scope of experience and qualifications.

Having too many contracts at a go can be
overwhelming, especially if you are a sole entrepreneur and you
don’t have a team or company to meet the demand. This triggers
stress as you will always worry about meeting the demands of
your clients or consumers. This situation worsens when you
accept contracts or new collaborations that are beyond the
scope of your experience and resources.

Solution: Learn
to Say No to Opportunities – as an entrepreneur, it is
important to learn the act of declining to new opportunities.
Not all opportunities are lucrative, even though they may seem
to be lucrative at the beginning. In order to avoid the
temptation of accepting every opportunity that comes knocking,
always do a background check and ask as many questions as
possible to know whether you are capable of meeting the

Tip: Can you meet the
demands of the new business opportunity?

The Clutter

Entrepreneurs enter into contracts and
commitments hurriedly without considering whether the new
venture will be worthwhile. You only realize much later that it
was a mistake.

Solution: Always
choose the Most Important, Avoid the Clutter

Tip: How will the new
opportunity benefit your

Working Long Hours

Many startup ecommerce businesses are being run
by individuals who are in formal employment. They work the
normal 40 hours per week, and squeeze in another 30-40 hours
weekly to manage their e-business. They often work late into
the night and sacrifice their weekend
s in
order to meet the demand.

Working long hours can cause severe stress,
especially if the hours you bill in your e-business interfere
with your normal sleeping cycle. This lowers your productivity,
compromising your e-commerce business
your day-time job as well.

Solution: Draft a
time schedule to help you balance your ecommerce business,
day-time job and social life. Don’t forget to include rest and
sleep hours in the schedule. In addition, you can delegate some
of the work which gets rid of “busyness” and helps you focus on
more important aspects of the b

Create systems and stick to them

Once you establish a working system, always
stick to it. Don’t hop from one system to another in search for
the “perfect” full-proof system. This fallacy has led to the
closure of many ecommerce businesses due to frequent shifts to
new systems.

Solution: As an
entrepreneur, you should establish a system that works for your
siness and always stick to it.

Sedentary lifestyle

Ecommerce business often demands that you spend
much of your time drafting new proposals; sending invoices;
ordering for new stock, supplies; shipping goods to consumers;
updating your accounting records; paying wages and taxes. Most
of the work requires you to spend many hours in the office. The
increased inactivity can result in disinterestedness, boredom
and even heightened exhaustion.

Solution: Create
time in your schedule for physical exercise. It doesn’t have to
be intense, even taking a fifteen minute walk can be enough to